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Linear working- and indirect-light

In the kitchen space you can use three different types of profile lights. The light is similar in all of them, the differences are in the installation methods and the appearance. You can choose what you want and best suits your interior and taste.

1) Led-Prosil LUX is a fixed-length lamp, which is installed 60-80 cm apart. The light output on the table level is sufficient, even when the stove remains between two lamps. The Led Prosil LUX can be installed in the desired position in the N direction of the cupboard, but it is recommended to install it either in the middle or closer to the front of the cupboard. The Lamp is not shortened at the installation position.

2) Led profile lights Corner, Linea and Inser are available in two-and four-metre length strips, which are shortened to the desired position during installation. Luminaires are usually installed on the whole of the upper cupboards; LED-Linea and Led-Inser in the middle or closer to the front edge and the LED Corner on the back edge of the cupboard.

3) The Led Wall is also delivered in two-and four-metre strips. Unlike the above-mentioned lights, the LED-Wall strip is embedded in the background wall, from which it illuminates the working level. The LED Wall lamp is well suited for the kitchen, where there are no cabinets or cupboards for just a part of the distance.

The indirect atmosphere light allows you to easily create a bedroom and a living room with separate Led-Up (illuminating upwards) and Led Duo (illuminating up and down) LED strips. The Light in both LED profile lights is pleasantly smooth and uniform. The profiles of the profile lights are offered in lengths of two and four metres, and are shortened to the desired length when installed.

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