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Bathroom lights

A pleasant light in the bathroom

The bathroom is the place where most people start their daily activities. Preferably you want to do your morning activities, such as take a shower, drive a beard, comb your hair or make your face, in a pleasant light. The LIMENTE bathroom lights are strong, but at the same time the soft light will comfortably get through the matte glass of the rods evenly in all directions.

The LIMENTE collection features lighting options for the general light in the bathroom and around the mirror. Mirror lights are suitable for example on the side of the mirror or on top of it. Separate lights can also be installed in the center of the wall in a larger space. The Lights create a real spa atmosphere.

The colour temperature of the bathroom lights 4000 K is a fresh light, similar to natural light. In particular, when refreshing your face in the morning, it’s important that the light shines evenly on your face and gives you the most natural and effective light.

The LIMENTE LED-DR and-DS LED lights are available as surface-mounted or recessed. Their light output is ideal for bathrooms as well as other common areas. The lights require a very low installation space, blend nicely into the ceiling and give a beautiful steady light to the space.

A bathroom’s appearance can be enhanced with indirect lights. A particularly easy way is to add an LED light strip behind the mirror. Another cool way is to install a light stripe on one or more walls. The LED-UP profile light makes it easy to implement an indirect light stripe on the ceiling boundary.

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