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Versatile lightning solutions

With LIMENTE lights you can make a stylish and functional illumination to your home. Choose the style you want by choosing a more discreet profile lighting, or with the spotlights that highlights the details in your home, or combine the two styles freely. With Modern LED profile lights, the light is uniform and smooth, and the lamps are flat and unnoticeable. Spot lights are individual small separate lamps, which, in addition to being good working lights, can be used to highlight details.

Don't forget the electrical outlets. There have never been too many of those in too many places. The Limente collection includes embeddable and surface-mounted models as well as power sockets with integrated USB connectors or Bluetooth speakers. The surface mounted invisible flat or level-ascending socket is a convenient addition to the kitchen.

Good lighting should be easy and comfortable to use. With the LIMENTE light control you can control your lights just the way you want. The wireless light switch can also be added afterwards and installed in the desired location without tiresome and costly electrical work.

The products in the ligths collection are available as pure white, stylish matte black and traditional steel or aluminium-coated lights. The LIMENTE lights adapt to different color worlds and allow you to combine colors freely.

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  • Lights

    The LIMENTE lights are divided into five product groups: profiles and led strips as well as furniture, CCT, ceiling and bathroom lights. Most of the lights can be used variously in different types of spaces. The lights can also be used to create a variety of indirect lighting solutions.

    Profiles and LED strips are products where the light is uniform on a long trip. The illuminated surface receives a steady light and the lamp itself can be positioned discrete and hidden. In front of the bright LEDs, there is a matte protective glass that prevents the dots from appearing and makes the light look pleasantly even. The Profile lamps are also suitable for indirect lighting.

    Furniture lights are spot-like lights and are often placed so that the light itself is also visible. With furniture lights, you can highlight a single, illuminated object, or place the luminaires in a space between recommended distances. Intermediate lights placed at the recommended distance able you to guarantee a smooth and comfortable light at the working level.

    The idea behind the CCT lights is that you can adjust the light color to the one you want. The adjustment range is very wide and allows the color temperature to be adjusted from warm to cold. CCT lights are both profile lights and spotlights.

    The Ceiling lights are lights hanging from the ceiling, or mounted in the ceiling. Ceiling mounted lights can be used in all areas of the home including damp rooms such as bathrooms. The ligths can be used for general lighting or target lighting, depending on the lamp and the place of installation. Hanging lights can be used on top of the kitchen table or island or on top of the living room level to give both a general light and a separate ambience light alone. In the ceiling of the kitchen, hallway or living room, the DRI-lights give you an excellent general light.

    Bathroom lighting fixtures are included in the bathroom, as they are designed to be humidity resistant (IP44). The bathroom lights collection has options for both on the mirror and on the sides of the mirror as the DR-lights are for the general lighting of the bathroom.

    On the product page of all lamps, see "Installation pictures" for tips on how and where to use the lights and how wiring should be taken into account with wireless lighting control. In the "Specifications" section at the bottom of the product page you will also find LED light values and other technical data. More information on different lighting values and you can find technical information through the "I" link in front of you.

  • Light control

    Adjust and change your atmosphere in your home

    Adjustable lighting works as part of your home décor. The lighting can be easily controlled by different wireless switches. Controlling the lights should be easy and convenient, and as a result the lights become a vital part of your home. The wireless light switch is especially easy to install without any separate electrical work. The LED makes your lighting adjustable and transforms the look of your home in a moment from bright daylight to an atmospheric evening light.

    The LIMENTE lights collection contains a wide range of dimmable lights with which you can make your home light and comfortable. With the wireless light switch, the light output can be controlled smoothly. A dimmable light will guarantee a light suitable for all moods.

    With the LIMENTE SMART dimmer, you can adjust the light intensity of the LIMENTE lamps smoothly between 0-100%. The LIMENTE SMART dimmer is installed between the power supply and the lights. One dimmer is required per power source. The On/off switch and the dimming are on a separate wireless wall controller. Because the Smart system is wireless it does not require wiring and is easy to install even afterwards.

    The stylish SMART switches can be connected to all LIMENTE lights. The switches are available in white and black glass, and with the white Smart 350 switch you can choose at the installation stage the center colour to be either white or black.

  • Drivers

    High-quality power supply enables long life

    Power supplies are designed to work optimally with other LIMENTE products. Every LIMENTE luminaire and LIMENTE SMART dimmer have been tested and their compatibility verified at the design stage. In addition to compatibility, both the lifetime of an individual component and the power generated by the power supply are essential when creating a long-lasting LED lighting. That's why Limente pays special attention to power supplies and the components they use.

    The luminaire needs a power supply because it operates on a safe low voltage (12 V or 24 V). The grids voltage is 240 V, which is transformed with a power supply to be suitable for the luminaire. In some of the luminaires the power supply is integrated into the luminaire and in this case the voltage of the luminaire is 240 V.

    LIMENTE power supplies are available for both 12 V and 24 V systems and in a variety of sizes depending on power requirements. For each lamp, the voltage and power of the luminaire are reported. Choose the right voltage (12 V or 24 V) and calculate the power of the lamps. For example, the total output of four 6 W luminaires is 4 x 6 = 24 W, in which case a suitable power supply is of at least 24 W. In the example case, we would recommend a 30 W power supply.

  • Sockets

    Correct socket according to the installation place

    The socket is an essential part of the kitchen and home. Their absence is often only noticed when they are needed. It is a good idea to have a sufficient number of sockets so that you can conveniently use different kitchen appliances such as blenders, roasters and multifunction machines without the need for additional cables or power strips. It is good to anticipate the number and location of the sockets already in the design stage, so that the needed number of plug-in locations are available when working in the kitchen.

    In recent years, sockets have undergone a reform. The Latest power sockets have USB connectors or speakers. In addition, the selection of electrical outlets that are mounted to the surface or wall has increased.

    A socket with a USB connector is convenient because many small appliances, such as a phones or headsets, can be charged via the USB connector. The speaker in the wall socket allows you to listen to music directly from your phone in the kitchen. The phone is connected to the speaker via Bluetooth and there is no need for a separate calling device.

    You can find a wide range of different selection of LIMENTE wall sockets. The collection includes both recessed and mounted options. Desktop-mounted sockets work well in kitchens with an island or without overhead kitchen cabinets. Under the cabinet mounted sockets can be used both in the kitchen and utility room. Desk, TOWER and INSET, can for example be installed in the desktop. Similarly, MINI, LUNA and MIRO sockets are installed on the bottom of the upper cabinets, where they are available for use all the time.

    The sockets are available in one, two and three-part and three stylish colours, with white, brushed stainless and matte black.