LIMENTE LED driver white | 12 V

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LIMENTE LED 12 V driver

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LED26030-10 DRIVER 12 V, 30 W, 10 pcs: In stock MyLimente LED26030 4009723 LED driver 30 W, 12 V: In stock MyLimente

12 V driver for LED light fixtures

LIMENTE 12 V LED drivers are designed to be paired with 12 V LIMENTE light fixtures. All LIMENTE drivers are as low and small as possible, so they are easy to install hidden e.g. inside a cabinet. All drivers have primary power supply cable for commecting to main power, they all have a manifold for light fixtures, and versatile protection. 15W and 30W drivers have a manifold for up to six light fixtures, 50W-100W drivers have a manifold for up to ten light fixtures.

LED drivers are available as both 12 V and 24 V. 12 V light fixtures require 12 V drivers, whereas 24 V light fixtures require 24 V drivers. You can recognize the 12 V drivers from their white TOP-connectors and a white manifold. The manifold and TOP-connectors are black in 24 V drivers.

Dimming and lighting control

Appropriate lighting for any occasion is made easy with our dimming and lighting control system. You can easily change the lighting and ambience in your home from efficient and bright to dim and cosy by dimming your LIMENTE lights with our wireless system. You can use the same switch to adjust all the LIMENTE lights in the room, including various ceiling, panel and profile lights. The light adjusts smoothly at the same time while creating ambience for working, entertaining or any mood in between.

LIMENTE 12 V LED drivers can be paired with LIMENTE SMART dimmer (no. 640410) and wireless wall switches (no. 640411, 640421 and 640422, 640424, 640425).
LIMENTE LED drivers can’t be dimmed primary.


LIMENTE LED drivers are protected against various malfunctions. LED driver protection optimize the lifespan of the product and ensures optimal performance. LIMENTE drivers protection:

- Over-current: the driver will return back to normal functions after the problem has passed
- Short circuit: the driver will return back to normal functions after the problem has passed
- Over-heating: the driver will return back to normal functions after the problem has passed

Package contents

- driver
- manifold
- power cord with plug

Technical data

Installation method
Surface mounting
Current supply
Enclosure class
12 V DC
Warranty months