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LIMENTE LED-ZIRCON TRAN aluminium | 12 V, 230 lm, Ra>80

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81,84 €

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626683S1 4118982 Led-Zircon Tran, 1 valaisimen setti, alumiini, 12 V: In stock MyLimente 626683S2 4118983 Led-Zircon Tran, 2 valaisimen setti, alumiini, 12 V: In stock MyLimente 626683S3 4118984 Led-Zircon Tran, 3 valaisimen setti, alumiini, 12 V: In stock MyLimente 626683S4 4118985 Led-Zircon Tran, 4 valaisimen setti, alumiini, 12 V: In stock MyLimente 626683S5 4118986 Led-Zircon Tran, 5 valaisimen setti, alumiini, 12 V: In stock MyLimente 626683-1 4118862 Led-Zircon Tran, erillisvalaisin 4,2 W, alumiini, 12 V: In stock MyLimente

A petite light that produces a convincing luminosity despite its size.

The light is easy and swift to install. The final installed light is a stylish light with the wires hidden inside the frame and only the small lights stay visible. It is used inside showcases, to light shelves and for lighting up countertops.

Every lamp has an included cable that is 3 meter long. Extension cords (length: 3m, product nr 681586) can be ordered if a longer cable is needed. A maximum of one extension cord can be attached to each lamp. Power sources used in the sets can be attached to six lamps at a time at its most.

The lights can be dimmed with Limentes Smart 200-, 300- and 400-dimmer. The dimmer is installed between the power source and the lamp.

The dimmer has a divider which enables you to connect 1 - 6 Limente-lamps in it.

Six lights can be connected to one switch if desired. The lights can be any Limente LED-lights equipped with a top plug-in. As an example, three Led-40 lights can be added to a set of three Led-lion lights. Please assure that the connected cables are long enough and that the maximum charge of the power supply is not exceeded.

Technical data

Light source
Installation method
Surface mounting
Recommended installation distance
50 - 70 cm
Light flux
230 lm
55 lm/W
Colour temperature
4000 K
> 80
Input power
4,2 W
30.000 h
Enclousure class
12 V DC
Energy class

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