LIMENTE LED ZIRO-IR aluminium | 98 lm, Ra>80

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621983S1 4118952 Led-Ziro-IR 462, 1 lamp set, 12 V: In stock MyLimente 621983S2 4118953 Led-Ziro-IR 462, 2 lamp set, 12 V: In stock MyLimente 621983S3 4118954 Led-Ziro-IR 462, 3 lamp set, 12 V: In stock MyLimente 621983S4 4118955 Led-Ziro-IR 462, 4 lamp set, 12 V: In stock MyLimente 621983S5 4118956 Led-Ziro-IR 462, 5 lamp set, 12 V: In stock MyLimente 621983-1 4118832 Led-Ziro-IR 462, separate lamp,12 V: In stock MyLimente 681586 4009709 LIMENTE extension cable 3,0m 12 V: In stock MyLimente

A furniture light to be placed inside a closet with motion sensor

A light inside a closet brings luxury to every day and makes your everyday life easier. LIMENTE LED ZIRO-IR is an effortless way to light up kitchen drawers, cabinets and closets. The fixture includes a motion sensor, which turns on the light whenever the door is opened. The light turns off, when the door is closed. The motion sensor is placed in the right-hand corner of the fixture.

N.B.! The 12 V power supply is ordered separately.

Dimming and light control


LIMENTE LED ZIRO-IR is installed in the body of the furniture about 3-4cm from the door. Make sure of the optimal distance in your closet, as the IR motion sensor has different reaction span with different materials.

Package contents

Technical data

Installation method
Surface mounting
Light flux
98 lm
27 lm/W
Color temperature
4150 K
Ra value
> 80
Input power
3,6 W
Enclosure class

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