LIMENTE SMART 592 LUXUS light control set | 240 V, white

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LIMENTE SMART LX-set 240 V, 2-gang

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640592 2600883 592 wireless dbl lightcontrol kit, 240 V, white glass: In stock MyLimente

Wireless light control set 240V – for ceiling lamps

LIMENTE SMART LUXUS series offers a simple and stylish way to control light, for example in the kitchen and other areas of the home. The lights are controlled by a stylish wall switch (controller) with an on / off function and a dimming feature. On the CCT model (SMART 571), you can also adjust the color temperature of the lights (if you have purchased CCT lights).

The controller does not need wiring but works wirelessly, so it can also be placed freely in the desired place in the room. There can be several controls to control the same light, and with one controller you can control several different lights, making it easy to expand the system afterwards. Lighting control does not require separate electrical installations, only an electrical outlet. LIMENTE SMART 591, 592 and 594 are ready-made sets with all the necessary parts to control the ceiling lights.

The light control set LIMENTE SMART 592 includes one LIMENTE SMART 580, 240 V dimmer unit and one LIMENTE SMART 542 switch (controller). You can also order controls and dimmer parts separately as needed. 1 dimmer is needed for each light group (max. 80 W), ie if you have several groups or the power of the group exceeds 80 W space, in addition to the set, the required number of separate dimmer parts.

In addition to the two-piece SMART 542 controller included in the set, you can order any of the LUXUS series controllers separately. Only CCT lights need their own dimmer, but otherwise you can combine several different dimmers to suit your needs. The stylish wall switch-like controller is mounted where you want it on the wall. Thanks to the slim design of the controls, they look like recessed wall switches despite the surface mounting. The controllers do not need wiring but they work wirelessly, so you can also place them freely anywhere you want in the room.

Adjusting the lights

By adjusting the lights, you can always customize the lighting and create the right lighting for your home. By dimming the LIMENTE lights, you change the lighting in your home from efficient and bright to dim and cozy. If you wish, you can use the same switch to adjust all the LIMENTE lights in the room, including the various ceiling, panel and working lights. The lights adjust evenly, smoothly and simultaneously, changing the atmosphere of the entire space at once. With the LIMENTE SMART dimmer, you can continuously adjust the light output of the LIMENTE LED lights from 0 to 100%.

The LIMENTE SMART 592 set includes the LIMENTE SMART 542 two-piece wall switch (controller). The controller has an on / off function and dimming. On / Off works with a short press and a long press dims / brightens the light.

The LIMENTE SMART LUXUS series also includes the LIMENTE SMART 544 black two-piece controller, which has the same functions as the white SMART 542 wall switch. In addition, the kit includes the LIMENTE SMART 541 white one-piece wall switch (controller) that can be used to control all light groups connected to the controller simultaneously from a single button.

If you want to adjust more than one LIMENTE ceiling light (not CCT ), order one LIMENTE SMART 580 dimmer unit for each power supply in addition to the basic set. The product code for the dimmer used with LIMENTE CCT light is640560 and the controller code is 640561.


LIMENTE SMART 592 is a complete set with all the necessary parts to control LIMENTE 240 V lighting. The controller and dimmer are simple and quick to install and do not require separate electrical installations.

You can also do the installation yourself.The 240 V LIMENTE SMART 580 dimmer unit is installed in the power supply of the ceiling light and has ready-to-chain Wago connectors. The stylish wall switch (controller) is then mounted at the desired location on the wall. The controller and dimmer unit should be paired with each other and then the system is ready for use.

If you need more dimmers or controls, you should also pair them with each other. With pairing, the dimmer recognizes the signal sent by the controller, making the system ready for use. Pairing is a simple and quick operation that also has clear instructions on our Youtube channel.

Package contents

- 2-part wireless controller
- battery
- receiver with quick connectors
- Plastic Free packaging

Technical data

Dimmer color
Glass, white
Surface mounting
Current supply
battery, CR 2430
Enclosure class
240 V
Warranty months