LIMENTE LED-ZIRCON 4000K, IP20, aluminium | 12 V, 230-690 lm, CRI>80

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626383 4118847 LED-ZIRCON 34 cm, 12 V: In stock MyLimente 626483 4118848 LED-ZIRCON 68 cm, 12 V: In stock MyLimente 626583 4118849 LED-ZIRCON 102 cm, 12 V: In stock MyLimente 681385 4009711 LED-ZIRCON power cord 3 m + installation profile: In stock MyLimente 680582 1413800 Led-Zircon cable duct 25 cm, aluminum: In stock MyLimente 621484 4009713 LED-ZIRCON 100, receiver/switch, alumiini, 12 V: In stock MyLimente 681586 4009709 Led-Zircon extension cable 3,0m 12 V: In stock MyLimente

An easy-to-install, connectable light fixture

LIMENTE LED-ZIRCON profile light fixtures are installed one after another with connectors integrated in the fixtures. As a result, you’ll have a profile light fixture providing constant, even, and efficient working light on a counter top. Both bright and matte diffusers are included in delivery. The light is softer and the led points are less visible when using the matte diffuser.

Choose the right number of fixtures by counting the total length of the fixtures. Also note the space that the power supply cord and the light switch (123mm) take up. You’ll also need a 12V power supply (no. LED26050, max. 50W). There is a switch/dimmer available for LIMENTE LED-ZIRCON. Both have the same design. The switch is placed between the power supply and first of the fixtures.

Dimming and lightcontrol

Appropriate lighting for any occasion is made easy with our dimming and lighting control system. You can easily change the lighting and ambience in your home from efficient and bright to dim and cozy by dimming your LIMENTE LED-ZIRCON with the dimmer in our LED-ZIRCON products (no. 621584). You can choose between three different settings in the amount of light provided: 100% - 60% - 20%.


You can easily extend your LED-ZIRCON lighting design by adding up to 5 light fixtures to the LED-ZIRCON power supply (no. LED26050). The fixtures can be any LIMENTE light fixtures at the voltage of 12V that have a white (12V) TOP connector. Please note the adequate length of the cord and the maximum load (W) of the power supply.

Package contents

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Technical data

Fixture color
Light source
Surface mounting
Light flux
230-690 lm
CRI value
> 80
Enclosure class

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