LIMENTE RIM white | 2100 lm/m

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611884 4118802 RIM-14 612 mm, 14 W, 4000 K: In stock MyLimente 611984 4118803 RIM-21 912 mm, 21 W, 4000 K: In stock MyLimente 612084 4118804 RIM-28 1205 mm, 28 W, 4000 K: In stock MyLimente 680984 4009700 RIM cable between RIM lights 1000 mm: In stock MyLimente

An inexpensive extendable fluorescent light fixture

LIMENTE RIM light fixtures can be used anywhere a small, inexpensive and inconspicuous light fixture is needed. Three standard lengths are available: 612mm (14W), 912mm (21W) and 1205mm (28W). Each fixture has an integrated light switch.

Due to its small size, LIMENTE RIM is easy to hide and use for example as indirect light above a cabinet or as working light behind a light board. The fixture includes a switch, power cords (both for power supply and extensions) and attachment brackets for both wall- and ceiling-mounting. The power cord for extensions has connectors at both ends and a length of 24cm (cord 13cm + connectors).

A power cord for extensions is available in 100cm, product no. 680984.

LIMENTE RIM uses inexpensive and efficient T5 fluorescent lamp as a light source. The fluorescent lamp is long-lasting, efficient, and constant providing an even lighting.

Dimming and lighting control

LIMENTE RIM is not dimmable.


LIMENTE RIM is installed with the supplied installation tools and brackets either downward or horizontal. Either way, the fixture projects light in all directions.

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Installation method
Surface mounting
91 lm/W
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