LIMENTE LED-RIBBON 24 V, 4000 K | 180 led/m, 1080 lm/m, Ra>80

Installation and maintenance instructions

Installation instructions


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LIMENTE LED-RIBBON 20, 2 m, 180 led/m, 4000 K, 24 V: Availability date: 06/01/2018 MyLimente LIMENTE LED-RIBBON 40, 4 m, 180 led/m, 4000 K, 24 V: In stock MyLimente LIMENTE driver 30 W, 24 V: In stock MyLimente LIMENTE driver 50 W, 24 V: In stock MyLimente LIMENTE driver 75 W, 24 V: In stock MyLimente LIMENTE driver 100 W, 24 V: In stock MyLimente

Multipurpose LED-ribbon

Effective abbreviate work- and ambience light, which led lights are very close to each other (180 led / meter). As a result, in particular, when combined with LIMENTE LIGHT LIST the light will be pleasantly consistent and even.

Both ends have their own feed lines, which allow the utilization of LED-RIBBON also in two parts. In this way we can avoid unnecessary waste and make it possible to install the ribbons from the driver in two different directions.

LED-RIBBON can be installed separately on a straight surface or inside a LIMENTE LIGHT LIST. The list makes it possible to be installed e.g. underneath a drying kitchen cabinet, in addition it functions as a heat conductive which helps in prolonging the operating life. We always recommend the installation together with the list.

The ribbon is used in addition to as a kitchen working light, as an indirect light for example behind mirrors, sockets, furniture or any ceiling space where light might be wanted to be as invisible as possible.

LIMENTE LED-RIBBON is available in several lengths, 3000 K and 4000 K fixed color temperature and CCT-version where the color temperature can be chosen between 2700 K – 6000 K.

Dimming and light control

The lights can be dimmed with Limente Smart 400 series-dimmer, which is installed between the power source and the lamp. The dimmer contains a manifold which enables you to connect 6 LIMENTE-lamps to it. Note to choose a 24 V Smart 420 dimmer (nr. 640420). The dimmers can be combined with wireless wall switches (nr. 640411, 640421 and 640422).


Technical data

> 80
80 lm/W
Energy class
Light flux
1080 lm/m
Colour temperature
4000 K

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