LIMENTE SMART 110 (PIR sensor 60 cm) | 240 V

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A presence detector / short distance

LIMENTE 100-series is designed to automate lighting control in all home spaces. Automated control of lighting is at its best when the lights are on when they are needed and where they are needed without the user needing to pay much attention. Unnecessary use of lights and electricity consumption are reduced as security increases. The LIMENTE 100-series is designed to automate lighting control in all home spaces. The system lights up any room lights, cabinet lights, or even the kitchen lights when light is needed. The lights remain on for as long as you are in the room or the door is open. Automatic lighting control makes your home lighting a new kind of comfort and safety product, and at the same time it is also an ecological way to use lights.

LIMENTE SMART 110, which recognizes user’s presence, is suitable for example controlling the kitchen or bathroom lights. The system recognizes when you come close to it and keeps the lights on until you leave the detector range. Leaving the proximity of the detector is reacted with a delay, so short-term absence does not shut down the lights. The Smart 120 sensor allows the lights to be switched on whenever light is needed and at the same time electricity consumption is reduced. The detection distance is about 60 to 100 cm. If you want the lights to light up as soon as someone enters the room, use the Smart 130 presence detector.
In one Smart 110 system, you can put up to four sensors.

Dimming and lightcontrol

LIMENTE SMART 110 works as an automated ON/OFF –switch.


The LIMENTE SMART 100-series electronic unit and sensor are simple and quick to install and do not require separate electrical installations. The small electronic unit has female and male plug connectors. The male plug is pressed into the socket and the power supply of the controlled lights is connected to the female plug. You can also do the installation yourself.

The sensor is placed, for example, in the kitchen on the bottom of the upper cabinet. Electronic unit is connected to a manifold with a maximum of 4 sensors. All connections are made using plug & socket connectors.

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