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LIMENTE LUNA-2 socket, stainless steel | Stainless steel

Installation and maintenance instructions

Installation instructions
Reference: 631581
Supplier reference: 2407104
LIMENTE LUNA-2 wall socket incl. switch, s/s

78,12 €

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Double socket with a separate controllable socket

The LIMENTE Luna - switch has the same dimensions and design as the LIMENTE Mini lights. (LED40-Mini, GammaMini and Mini). Their design allows the switches to be used with all LIMENTE- lighting. A switch that controls lights for example in the kitchen is included with Luna.

Mini-sockets are available as single, double and triple. Additionally there is also a Mini 2 model that includes a switch (LIMENTE Luna). The material used in the sockets is stainless steel or painted white. The sockets always need their own power source and they are equipped with child protection.


Determine the location where the power supply will be imported or use an existing supply cable. The socket must be installed in a corner so that two sides are against solid surfaces so that the background does not remain open. The mounting takes place with the help of the supplied screws.

Electrical connection

Technical data

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