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MINI-3 socket ss

Installation and maintenance instructions

Installation instructions


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MINI-3 socket ss

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Versatile power sockets

The LIMENTE MINI power sockets are designed as versatile power socket options for kitchen workspaces. Due to their minimalistic design, they go together with any type of light fixtures. They are quick and easy to install. The power sockets have an oblique design, which makes them easy to use. You are always able to clearly see the angle in which plugs are to be connected in the sockets. This way the sockets are always on hand and available! LIMENTE MINI-3 is made of metal in stainless steel, white, or black, and is child proof.

LIMENTE MINI-3 has sockets for three plugs. LIMENTE MINI power sockets are also available as single and double. Combine MINI power sockets freely to suit your needs!

LIMENTE MINI and LIMENTE MIRO power sockets include connectors for 240V power supply connection. In case electrical connections are done before installing the socket outlets (e.g. before installing cabinetry), the connectors can be ordered separately.

Color choices

LIMENTE MINI-3 is available in stainless steel, white, and black.


Determine the place, where the power supply will be imported, or use an existing power supply cable. The power socket must be installed in a corner ensuring the back sides of the power socket do not remain open to exposure. The mounting takes place with the supplied screws. Please see further instructions in the installation guide.

LIMENTE MINI-3 power socket requires its own power supply (max. 16 A). Connect the power supply cable into the connectors of the power socket. Finally, attach the power socket to a solid surface using the screws supplied. Please see further instructions in the installation guide.

Package contents

- socket
- mounting screws
- quick connector
- plastic free packaging

Technical data

Stainless steel
Power socket color
Stainless steel
Installation method
Surface mounting
Current supply
Fixed installation
Input power
Enclosure class
240 V
Warranty months
Pinch time
16 A

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