LED-RENO rechargeable doorlight | 130 lm, Ra>80

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RENO al spotlight

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Rechargeable doorlight

LIMENTE LED-RENO is a rechargeable light fixture designed to illuminate the insides of drawers or cabinets. LED-RENO has a rechargeable battery, so no wiring is needed and the fixture is easy to install inside any type of a drawer, cabinet or cupboard. The fixture suits cabinets and cupboards as well as drawers in kitchens, in bedrooms, and anyplace, where the dark insides of cabinets and drawers need light.

The fixture attaches with a magnet and is easy to recharge with a USB portal.
LIMENTE LED-RENO can be used for short-term lighting (when light is needed only separate, short spaces of time at a time) and as a cabinet light. When wanting short-time lighting, turn the fixture on and off with a wave of a hand. When using LED-RENO as a cabinet light, the light turns on when the door is opened and turns off when the door is closed.

Dimming and lighting control

LIMENTE LED-RENO has two different settings, which enable the use of the fixture both as a worktop light and a cabinet light.

A-setting activates the integrated ON/OFF switch of the fixture, which turns on the light when the door is opened. The light turns off when the door is closed. The light turns automatically off after two minutes, in case the door is not closed. The fixture is placed near the front end of the cabinet for the switch to recognize the door opening.
M-setting activates the integrated ON/OFF switch of the fixture, which turns on the light when waving a hand in front of the sensor. With a second wave of a hand, the light turns off. The light does not turn off automatically but is lit until it’s turned off or the battery runs out. The battery duration is maximum three hours.
LIMENTE LED-RENO is not dimmable.


LIMENTE LED-RENO can be placed anywhere without any limitations. Decide the amount of fixtures needed and install the installation plates with double-sided tape in place. Then attach the fixture with the magnet. No wiring or outside power is needed!

Place the fixture near the front end of the cabinet. If the fixture is too far from the door, the switch is not able to register the door opening.

Package contents

- rechargeable lamp- metal fasteners
- USB charging cable

Technical data

Fixture color/finish
Light source
Installation method
Surface mounting
Current supply
USB latausjohto
Light flux
130 lm
44 lm/W
4000 K
Ra value
> 80
Input power
3 W
35.000h (L80B10)
Enclosure class
5 V DC
Energy class
Warranty months
Pinch time

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