KIT-Corner 4m 4000 K, aluminium | 1080 lm/m, CRI>85

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KIT-Corner 4m

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Complete light set for kitchen workspace

The LIMENTE workspace light set is a versatile, shortenable light solution that can be used to create work and mood light and it is great for example as an indirect light on top of the cabinet, in recesses, plinths, ceilings, etc. in addition to kitchen work lighting. In the kitchen workspace, the profile is placed close to the front edge of the bottom of the top cabinet.

See the installation pictures for tips on how the profile can be placed in the kitchen as a working light, on top of the kitchen cabinet as indirect light or how it can be used as an indirect light for the ceiling, for example. The kitchen workspace set is available in two different lengths, 2 m and 4 m (alu), or 2,15 m and 4,3 m (white and black), with and without light control.

The length of the LED strip is 2 or 4 m and can be shortened to the desired length at approximately 3.3 cm intervals, that makes it suitable for various different spaces. The included cable profiles and corner pieces make it easy to elegantly hide the supply cables. The luminaire uses high-quality LEDs with a color rendering index Ra> 85, an efficiency of 80 lm / W, a light output of 1080 lm / m and a color temperature of about 4000K (there may be slight differences in color temperature from production batch). In addition to the profile, the luminaire has a matte cover (diffuser), which makes the light spotless and at the same time turns the light into a slightly warmer shade. All lighting values ​​are given on the LED strip without cover.
The kitchen workspace set is delivered complete so that in addition to the profiles the LED strip and the power supply is also included in the delivery.

Dimming and light control

By adjusting the lighting, you can customize the lighting and create lighting that suits your home and the current situation. The stepless dimmer makes it easy to create a different mood and a new look in the space. By dimming the LIMENTE luminaires, you change the lighting in your home from efficient and bright to dim and cozy. If you wish, you can use the same control to adjust all the LIMENTE luminaires in the room, including the different ceiling, panel and work luminaires. The luminaires adjust evenly and smoothly, changing the mood of the entire space.

The kitchen workspace light set includes a LIMENTE SMART 350 Series Wireless Dimmer (Dimmer No. 640351 and a wall controller No. 640352 that controls it). The dimmer is installed between the power supply and the luminaires and contains the same connectors as the power supply. 6 LIMENTE luminaires can be connected to the dimmer, as long as it is ensured that the maximum load of the power supply (60 W) is not exceeded.
Separate sets are available from the intermediate set, where wireless dimming is not included in the package.

Easy installation

The installation of the LIMENTE workspace light is quick and easy with the included installation accessories and instructions.

The power supply cable (hidden behind the cabinet, for example) is placed in place so that the male head comes close to the power supply and the female close to the profile. The power supply cable at both ends of the LED strip allows the luminaire to be used as two separate pieces. The profile can also be used in full length (2 m or 4 m), in which case the power supply cable at one end is cut off. The LED strip can be shortened every 3.3 cm to the desired length. A fixed 5 cm + detached 300 cm long cord is standard at both ends. If this is not enough, you can order an extension cable (3 m), product number 681588. Extension cables can be connected for max. 1 pc / luminaire cable, with a maximum cable length of up to 6 meters. Be sure to take into account the adequacy of the length of the luminaire wires and the fact that the maximum load (W) of the power supply is not exceeded.
The cable profile, luminaire profiles and light strip are cut to the desired length and fastened with the included fasteners. The protective film of the tape is removed from the light strip and the strip is pressed into the luminaire profile. Then the power supply cable is connected to the light strip and to the power supply with plug and socket connectors. The cable profile and corner pieces complete the installation so that the wiring is elegantly hidden.

Package contents

- 2 m aluminium profile x 2
- diffuser 2m (cover) x 2
- mounting clips x 8
- end-caps x 8
- 4 m 4000 K led-ribbon
- 3 m power cord in both ends
- driver 60 W

Technical data

Fixture color
Light source
Light flux
1080 lm/m
80 lm/W
Color temperature
4000 K
CRI value
Input power
48 W
35.000 h ( L80B10 )
Enclosure class
Warranty months
Additional warranty months