A high-quality power supply enables a long lifespan

LIMENTE power supplies are designed to operate optimally with other LIMENTE products. Every LIMENTE light fixture and LIMENTE SMART dimmer has been tested and their compatibility verified in the design stage. In addition to compatibility, both the lifetime of an individual component and the power generated by the power supply are essential when creating a long-lasting LED lighting. That's why Limente pays special attention to power supplies and the components they use.

A light fixture requires a power supply, since it operates on a safe low voltage (12 V or 24 V). The mains’ voltage is 240 V, which is transformed with a power supply to be suitable for the light fixture. Some LIMENTE light fixtures have an integrated power supply with a voltage of 240 V.

LIMENTE power supplies are available for both 12 V and 24 V systems and in a variety of sizes depending on power requirements. Voltage and power are reported for each of the fixtures. Choose the correct voltage (12 V or 24 V) and calculate the complete power of the light fixtures. For example, the total output of four 6 W light fixtures is 4 x 6 W = 24 W, in which case a suitable power supply is of at least 24 W. In this example, we would recommend a 30 W power supply.

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  • Led-Strips

    Quality LED strips for different spaces

    LED-RIBBON is a separate LED strip that can be installed with double-sided tape as working light or mood light for creating ambience. When choosing an LED strip, consider the following:

    What is the installation location of the LED strip? Do you need a strip for humid conditions (IP44) or is a strip for dry conditions (IP20) enough? If you are unsure, choose a strip suitable for humid conditions. The same strip is suitable for both dry and humid conditions, whereas the strip for dry conditions is not suitable for humid conditions.

    What is the desired color temperature? If it’s most important to create ambience, is a warm white (3000K) usually the most suitable choice. However, if you require working light, the natural white (4000k) could be more suitable. In case you wish to adjust the color temperature yourself, choose a CCT strip with adjustable color temperature (2700K-6000K). Remember to order LIMENTE SMART CCT switch (no. 640430 + 640434) with the CCT strip!

    The LED strip should always be installed on a heat conducting surface, such as the LIMENTE LIGHT PROFILE, to avoid overheating. There are several types of LIMENTE profiles available, choose the one best suited for your needs and your taste! You can either purchase the profiles and LED strips separately, or choose a bundle from our profile light fixtures collection! The bundles include both the strip and the profile.

  • Profiles

    Professional finishing touches for LED strips

    LIMENTE LIGHT PROFILEs, aka aluminum moldings, protect LEDs from overheating and excessive dirt in addition to transforming the LED strips into a stylish light fixture.

    The lightweight design of the profiles alongside the versatile accessories ensure the profiles to be used in kitchen workspaces, in utility rooms or bathrooms, on shelves, inside a wardrobe, and numerous other spaces. Your imagination is the limit!

    LIMENTE light profiles are available both recessed and surface-mounted. In our light profiles collection, you’ll also find light profiles designed to be installed in a corner as well as other light profiles for special use. The light profiles are available in aluminum, white, and black.

    LIMENTE light profiles always include all the necessary installation brackets and corner pieces, as well as a transparent diffuser to be placed in front of the LED strip. The diffuser protects the LED strip and makes the light even.

    All profiles can be shortened to a desired length with a hacksaw or a circular saw.

  • Socket accessories
  • Drivers