Versatile lighting solutions

Create pleasant and efficient lighting to suit every moment of your life with LIMENTE lights. Choose your style between sleek, linear profile lighting and decorative, detail-enhancing spot lighting. Or combine the styles freely! Modern LED profile lights are nearly unnoticeable, but the light they produce is consistent and smooth even over longer distances. Spotlights, on the other hand, are small, individual light fixtures, which can be used to accent decor details but are good working lights, as well.

Don’t forget the sockets. There can never be too many! The LIMENTE collection includes the popular corner sockets, which are installed under the upper cabinet, as well as recessed or surface-mounted models. A surface-mounted, flat and discrete socket with or without a USB outlet – not to mention a small USB-socket - is a useful and convenient addition to any space where sockets for household appliances or smart devices are needed.

Good lighting should be easy and comfortable to use. With LIMENTE lighting control, you are able to control the lighting in your home just the way you want. You can install LIMENTE's wireless switches in the desired place without electrical installations, and when necessary, you can easily add switches afterwards. Be also sure to take a look at our automatic lighting control systems!

The products in LIMENTE lighting collection are available in different colors: in addition to pure white, stylish matte black and traditional steel or aluminum-coated, our collection also includes light fixtures in brass. Most LIMENTE light fixtures come in both 3000 K and 4000 K color temperature and some are available with an adjustable color temperature (2700 K – 5500 K). With LIMENTE products, you can create a lighting system that fits your home and your way of life.

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  • Lights

    LIMENTE lights

    LIMENTE lights are separated into four product groups: profiles and LED strips, furniture light fixtures, ceiling light fixtures and bathroom light fixtures. Most of the products can be used in different kinds of spaces. Indirect lighting designs are also easy to create using LIMENTE products.

    Profiles and LED strips provide an even light across a desk top. The fixture itself can be placed discreet and hidden, whereas the surface is well lit with an even light. Profile light fixtures have a matte protective glass to cover the bright LEDs. The glass prevents dots from appearing and makes the light pleasantly even. Our profile light fixtures are also suitable for indirect lighting!

    Furniture light fixtures are spotlight-like light fixtures, which are often installed to be visible and seen. You can use our furniture light fixtures either for accenting a single object or as work lighting to provide sufficient and pleasant lighting on a desk top.

    LIMENTE ceiling light fixtures are either pendants hanging down from the ceiling or ceiling flush mounts. Ceiling flush mounts can be used anywhere in a house, including bathrooms. The lights can be used as general lighting or accent/decorative lighting, depending on the type of the fixture and the place of installation. Pendants can be used on top of the kitchen table or kitchen island, or on top of the living room table as both general light and ambiance light. Installed in the kitchen ceiling, our DRI light fixtures provide an excellent general light.

    Our bathroom light fixtures are designed to be humidity resistant (IP44), so they are perfectly suited for bathrooms and wet rooms. In LIMENTE bathroom light fixtures collection, you’ll find models to install either above or alongside mirrors, whereas our DR light fixtures are designed to be used as general lighting.

    You can find tips on how and where to use our products under the ”Installation pictures” on every product page. There you’ll also be able to learn how wiring should be taken into account with wireless lighting control. For LED light values and other technical data, please see our ”Specifications” section. More information about different lighting values and technical information you can find under the ”i” link in front of you.

  • Supplies

    A high-quality power supply enables a long lifespan

    LIMENTE power supplies are designed to operate optimally with other LIMENTE products. Every LIMENTE light fixture and LIMENTE SMART dimmer has been tested and their compatibility verified in the design stage. In addition to compatibility, both the lifetime of an individual component and the power generated by the power supply are essential when creating a long-lasting LED lighting. That's why Limente pays special attention to power supplies and the components they use.

    A light fixture requires a power supply, since it operates on a safe low voltage (12 V or 24 V). The mains’ voltage is 240 V, which is transformed with a power supply to be suitable for the light fixture. Some LIMENTE light fixtures have an integrated power supply with a voltage of 240 V.

    LIMENTE power supplies are available for both 12 V and 24 V systems and in a variety of sizes depending on power requirements. Voltage and power are reported for each of the fixtures. Choose the correct voltage (12 V or 24 V) and calculate the complete power of the light fixtures. For example, the total output of four 6 W light fixtures is 4 x 6 W = 24 W, in which case a suitable power supply is of at least 24 W. In this example, we would recommend a 30 W power supply.

  • Light control

    Adjust and change ambience in your home

    Adjustable lighting is a part of your home décor. Lighting is easy and effortless to control with wireless switches. Controlling lighting should be easy and convenient, which enables lighting to be an essential part of your home décor and ambience. The wireless light switches are especially easy to install without costly electrical work. An LED dimmer enables lighting control, which transforms the look of your home from bright daylight to an ambient evening light in an instant.

    LIMENTE lights collection contains a wide range of dimmable light fixtures, which are perfect to make your home bright and comfortable. With a dimmable light fixture and a wireless light switch you are able to adjust lighting in your home to create ambience for working, entertaining, or any mood in between.

    With LIMENTE SMART dimmers, you can adjust the light intensity of LIMENTE light fixtures smoothly between 0-100%. The LIMENTE SMART dimmer is installed between the power supply and the fixtures. One dimmer is required per power supply. The ON/OFF switch and the dimming switch are found on a separate wireless wall controller. LIMENTE SMART system is wireless and does not require wiring, which makes it easy to install even afterwards.

    The stylish LIMENTE SMART switches can be paired with any of LIMENTE light fixtures. The switches are available in white and black glass. LIMENTE SMART 350 switch is white but the color of the central part of the switch can be chosen between black and white while installing.

  • Pistorasia valikoima

    The right kind of an electrical outlet

    The electrical outlets are essential must-haves in a kitchen and home in general. Their absence is often noticed only once they’re not available. A sufficient number of outlets is ideal for convenient use of different electrical appliances, as then there’s no need for extension cords. It’s best to anticipate the number and location of outlets when designing a kitchen, this will guarantee a sufficient number of plug-in locations.

    LIMENTE has a wide range of electrical outlets. Find your best fit, be it a recessed or a surface-mounted model! Desktop-mounted outlets work well in kitchens with an island or kitchens without overhead kitchen cabinets. Outlets that are mounted under the cabinets can be used both in the kitchen and utility room. DESK, TOWER and INSET are models that can be installed in a desktop. Similarly, MINI, LUNA and MIRO outlets are installed on the bottom of the upper cabinets, where they are available for use all the time.

    The outlets are available as single, double or triple, and in three stylish colors (white, brushed stainless steel and matte black).

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Showing 1 - 24 of 220 items