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Published: 12/01/2023 16:01:18
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Nothing is more annoying than looking for clothes in a dark closet. Especially if the whole room is dark and you don’t want to wake up other family members with unnecessarily turning the lights on. Wardrobe lighting solves this problem, makes everyday life easier and increases the functionality of the wardrobe.

The light also makes the wadrobe look more beautiful, helps to more clearly distinguish the clothes you are looking for in the closet, and brings a touch of luxury to everyday life.

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Makes everyday life easier

Even if the other lights in the room are on, it may not be enough to reach the corners of the closet, or especially the larger closet. When the cabinet is sensibly lit, finding items in the cabinet is made much easier without time-consuming search. When the contents of the cabinet are clearly visible, the injuries that can be caused by items dropping or falling from the cabinet are also avoided when the cabinet is lit. That’s why it’s smart to add light inside hallway and bedroom cabinets as well as other closets in the home.

Lighting can be designed in the cabinet right at the time of purchase or easily added later without major electrical work.

When designing the lighting, it should be taken into account that the light should illuminate the closet as versatile as possible. Boxes and shelves should also be lit to make everyday life around the cabinet easier.


Create atmosphere

Cabinets can also be lit from outside. For example, various profile lights bring atmosphere to the room, emphasize cabinet details and help you operate in low light without turning on the general light in the room.

The indirect light mounted on the plinth, which creates an elegant light strip on the floor, acts as a great mood light. The light can be connected to a dimmer, allowing it to adapt to many moments and lighten the look of even a larger cabinet.

If there is empty space on top of the closet, it can be illuminated indirectly. Indirect light makes the room look bigger, more spacious and refreshes the overall look of the whole room.

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Pick the right luminaire

For lighting cabinets and closets, you will find a wide range of different options in the Limente collection. You can illuminate the cabinet with a recessed luminaire, a surface-mounted profile luminaire, a spot luminaire or a detachable, USB-rechargeable Led-Reno luminaire. The LED-Reno is attached to the cabinet with separate magnetic clips. This makes it easy to attach, detach and charge.

When it comes to a profile luminaire, there are many different options and installation methods, but when choosing a luminaire, it is always a good idea to think about the direction and location of the lighting so that even the extreme corners of the cabinet get light. An easy way to implement such lighting into a even larger cabinet is to install a rear-facing profile luminaire on the front edge of the closet, thus directing the light towards the rear wall of the cabinet, illuminating the cabinet throughout. A good option for implementing this type of lighting is, for example, the new Led-Grade, which is available as a surface-mounted and recessed model.

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Choose how you want to control the light

In terms of ease of operation, luminaires installed inside a cabinet are often desired to operate with automatic control, so that the lights turn on when the cabinet doors are opened and turn off when the cabinet doors are closed. This also makes sense in terms of electricity consumption, as the lights don’t light up for no reason, but only when they are really needed.

Automatic light control can be combined with all Limente luminaires and is easy to implement with the Limente Smart sensor door sensor switch.

If you want the lights to be dimmable or to connect them to a separate light switch, you can choose a wireless switch for the lights. The switch can be placed either inside or outside the cabinet and does not require major electrical work.

Options suitable for each cabinet

There are as many lighting options as there are cabinets and decorators. Cabinet lighting should be chosen so that it is easy to use, it illuminates the entire cabinet and fits the look of the kitchen. You will find several different products for lighting a functional wardrobe, regardless of style. We will be happy to help you choose the right products for your wardrobe.

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