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LIMENTE ceiling light fixtures are either pendants or panel light fixtures. Panel light fixtures are available in three different power outputs, the suitable power output is chosen based on the room height and how close to each other the fixtures are placed. You can easily use LIMENTE panel light fixtures to replace your traditional ceiling light fixtures! If more light fixtures are needed, check the recommended installation distance of the products to ensure a suitable lighting intensity.

LIMENTE pendants are equally suitable as working light above a counter top and dining table and as general light in the room. In addition, LIMENTE pendants can be added in the living room or bedroom to emphasize the look of the room.

All LIMENTE ceiling lights have the same color temperature (4000K) making it easy to combine different types of light fixtures. Combine recessed and surface-mounted panel light fixtures with different types of pendants to create your own unique, pleasant and unified lighting design! LIMENTE pendants and panel light fixtures are available in Scandinavian color choices: black and white.

LED ceiling light fixtures are timeless and stylish and suitable for every type of ceiling material.

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