Ceiling and wall lamps

Universal light in each room

Ceiling lights can be suspended or recessed. There are three different efficiencies available for recessed downlights. The choice of luminaire efficiency is influenced by the height of the room and how close the luminaires are to be placed. Recessed models can replace a more traditional ceiling-mounted luminaire. If you want to install several luminaires close to each other, check the product for the recommended installation distances to ensure adequate lighting intensity in the room.

Hanging lamps are suitable for many spaces, both in the kitchen without a cupboard and for general lighting on the dining table. With the hanging lighting, it is possible to bring a more look to the room when it is hung on a side table or coffee table. These lights bring more general light that creates an atmosphere in the space.

Ceiling-mounted Downlights are LED lights, meaning they are ecological and long-lasting. The downlights are suitable for every space and for all roof surfaces.

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