Ecological way to control lights

LIMENTE SMART GREENLINE series offers a simple, ecological and stylish solution for light control, for example in the kitchen and other areas of the home. The lights are controlled by a timelessly stylish wall switch (controller) with an on / off function and a dimming feature. On the CCT model, you can also adjust the color temperature of the light (if you have purchased CCT lights). The controllers in the GREENLINE series do not need electricity to operate as the movement of the switch button produces the required energy.

There can be several controls to control the same dimmers, and with one controller you can control several different dimmers, making it easy to expand the system afterwards. In this way, you can easily solve the light control, for example, in a staircase, where the lights must be able to be switched off and on both from downstairs and upstairs. Lighting control does not require separate electrical installations, only an electrical outlet. Wireless light control always consists of two parts: a dimmer part between the light and the power supply, and a dimmer. The lights are connected to the wireless switch via a dimmer part, so a dimmer is always needed. The controller is a stylish surface-mounted switch. The on / off function works with a short press and a long press dims / brightens the light. Thanks to the slim design of the controller, it looks like a recessed wall switch despite the surface mounting. The system can be used with all LIMENTE 24 V LED lights.

LIMENTE SMART GREENLINE 24 V / 240 V series consists of dimmable controls and a dimmer unit suitable for 24 V (spot and profile lights) or 240 V (ceiling lights). There are a total of three different dimmer components (24 V, 240 V and 24 V CCT system compatible). You need one dimmer for each light set (power supply). For example, if your kitchen has a set of three LED-LENOX luminaires and a separate LED-LINEA as indirect light on the top cabinet, you will need 2 dimmer parts to control the LED-LENOX and LED-LINEA separately. If you want to control them at the same time, one dimmer part is enough to connect all the lights.

You can select one or more of the GREENLINE series controllers as the controller. CCT lights need their own CCT control. You can select multiple controls and combine them to suit your needs. The controllers do not need wiring as they they work wirelessly, so you can also place them freely anywhere you want in the room. The on / off function works with a short press and a long press dims / brightens the light.

The buttons of GREENLINE-switches are designed so that you can use them with both ABB Impressivo and Schneider Exxact -frames. For ABB frame you need to use the additional buttons that are included in the package.

Adjusting the lighting

By dimming and brightening the lights, you can always customize the lighting and create the right lighting for your home. By dimming the LIMENTE lights, you change your home lighting from efficient and bright work light to dim and cozy mood lighting. If you wish, you can use the same switch to adjust all the LIMENTE lights in the room, including the various spot and work lights. The lights adjust evenly comfortably and simultaneously, changing the atmosphere of the entire space at once. You can also easily create different lighting groups using wireless controls. This allows you to place, for example, the lights needed for kitchen work from one switch and the indirect mood and interior lights from+ another switch.


The controller and dimmer are simple and quick to install and do not require separate electrical installations. You can also do the installation yourself. You need at least one dimmer and one light control. Often, the socket is on top of the kitchen cabinet, in which case the dimmer part is also placed there. The 24 V dimmer part is installed between the power supply and the lights using plug and socket connectors. Correspondingly, the 240 V LIMENTE SMART 580 is installed in the power supply of the ceiling light and has ready-to-connect Wago connectors. The stylish wall switch (controller) is then placed at the desired place on the wall. The controller and dimmer unit should be paired and then the system is ready for use.

If you need more dimmers or controls, you should also pair them with each other. Pairing allows the dimmer to recognize the signal sent by the controller. Pairing is a simple and quick operation that also has clear instructions on our Youtube channel.One dimmer is required for each power supply.

Note this if you want to control the lights connected to more than one power supply with the same control.

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