Flexible light fixtures with a high protection class

The flexible and waterproof LED strip light is an efficient light source for both outdoors and indoors. The luminaire can be bent according to the requirements on installation site. The LED strip is ideal for different kinds of spaces, as it’s flexible and can be bent around edges or even rolled in a roll if necessary. In addition, the strip has a protection class of IP67, which guarantees the fixture can be used outdoors or in bathrooms. LED-NEON is perfectly suited for use in spaces where soft, even and efficient lighting is needed.

The LED-NEON series includes three different flexible profile lights that illuminate in different ways. NEON-DOME and NEON-TRIO direct the light in three different directions, which ensures an even distribution of light to the illuminated object. NEON-LITE, on the other hand, is excellent, for example, for creating a light strip or indirect lighting, as it directs the light in one direction. It's always good to choose an LED strip according to the object and the need, e.g. NEON-LITE is suitable as a beautiful ambient light behind the mirror in the shower room.

With LED-NEON strips, you can create stylish and beautiful lighting for demanding spaces such as the bathroom or the terrace. For example, frame the side of the shower wall with an elegant light detail or create an atmospheric light strip under the terrace railing!

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