Flexible luminaires with a high protection class

The bendable and waterproof LED strip is an efficient light source both for outside and inside use. The luminaire can be bent according to the object or even rolled on a roll if necessary. The durable and bendable shell gives the luminaire many uses. In addition, the luminaire's protection class IP67 guarantees that the luminaire can also be used in wet rooms or outdoors. The softly illuminating light is even and efficient and thus it’s pleasant to work with.

The three different bendable light profiles Neon-Dome, Neon-Lite and Neon-Trio, all illuminate in different ways - either straight ahead from the top of the LED strip or in three different directions. It is a good idea to choose a LED strip according to your needs, for example Neon-Lite is ideal to place behind a mirror for shower rooms.

With Neon led strips, you create beautiful lighting entities for demanding spaces such as the bathroom or the terrace! For example, decorate the side of the shower wall with a beautiful lighting detail or create a cosy atmosphere by putting an ambient light under the terrace railing!

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