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We have a part, in one way or the other, in almost every other renovation and construction project in Finland. Thereby our responsibility in e.g. product choices have a broad affect. At Limente, sustainability is a part of our daily operations and decision-making.
We follow the law and regulations in environmental questions. In addition, Limente has its own sustainability program, which goals we follow as well. The goals are broad ranging from the efficiency of our own operations to the environmental effects of our products. E.g. in our lightning collection we aim for increasing the energy efficiency constantly.

The sustainability can be seen in our daily operations e.g. in dqs_laatu

  • Our responsible and environmentally friendly suppliers
  • The increasing of the energy efficiency of our products in touch with the development of our collection
  • The minimizing the amount of waste and sorting it
  • The minimizing of our energy consumption
  • The utilization of our packing material
  • The recycling of our electric devices

The sustainability of our operations is evaluated regularly both internally and by an independent party, the inspection company DQS Finland Oy.