In one way or another, Limente is involved in almost every renovation and new building in Finland, so the responsibility of our business and operations affects the sustainability of our environment in many different ways.

For us at Limente, responsibility is part of our everyday operations and decision-making.

Limente has a diverse environmental program, and we regularly monitor how we are achieving our set goals. The set goals range from the efficiency of our operations to the environmental load caused by our products. At the moment, one of our ongoing goals is to continuously increase the energy efficiency of our light fixtures.

Each of our employees is committed to care for our environment and operate in accordance with the ISO 14001 environmental management system.

In our daily operations, our sustainability can be seen in dqs_laatuhow:

  • We operate in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • We use only responsible and environmentally friendly suppliers
  • The development of our collections takes into account our goal to continuously increase the energy efficiency of our products
  • We minimize the amount of waste created by our operations and sort waste
  • We minimize our energy consumption
  • We utilize our packing materials
  • Our electrical appliances and devices are recycled

We are registered in PYR Oy, an environmental organization in packaging industry. In addition, we are a member of SERTY, which takes care of recycling of electrical products in Finland on behalf of its member companies. A consumer can deliver their end-of-life LIMENTE light fixtures free of charge to recycling bins managed by SERTY. Find the nearest recycling bin with the convenient map at

The sustainability of our business is regularly assessed both internally and by an independent certification body, DQS Finland Oy.