Limente sustainability


In one way or another, LIMENTE is involved in almost every renovation and new building in Finland, so the responsibility of our business and operations affects the sustainability of our environment in different ways.

At Limente, responsibility is an integral part of our everyday operations and decision-making. For us, responsibility means that we consider sustainable development in all areas of our business operations. Responsibility can be seen in the design and manufacture of our products, in relation to our environment and in everyday work.

Ecology is one of the most important criteria in the development of our product range. Our professional team is constantly working towards making the next collection even better, more efficient and, above all, more ecological. Our goal in our products, their product development and life cycle is to consider their ecological values and sustainable development at every stage. We operate in accordance with the certified ISO 14001:2015 environmental system and comply with legal and official regulations in our environmental work.

Limente has a diverse environmental program, and we regularly monitor how we are achieving our set goals. These goals range from the efficiency of our operations to the environmental load caused by our products and the carbon footprint we leave behind. At the moment, one of our ongoing goals is to continuously increase the energy efficiency of our light fixtures. Responsibility of our ecological environment and the environmental effects of our operations are taken into account in all our activities. Our goal is an operating method covering the whole life cycle of our products, which is based on taking care of our environment and continuously improving our operations and minimizing the environmental impact of our operations. We also strive to inform our stakeholders about responsibility issues, such as the previously published Blog, which you can read here.

Plastic Free

We want to contribute to the well-being of the environment and reduce the amount of plastic in our products. From this starting point, we started a project at the beginning of 2018, the goal of which is to get rid of all plastic in LIMENTE packaging. Limente has never used packaging made of plastic, but there have

Plastic free packaging

As a result of the project, the share of plastic in all packaging was reduced and most of the LIMENTE products are delivered in Plastic Free packaging with no plastic. Due to the shelf life of the product, small amounts of plastic still have to be used in some individual packages. However, the amount of plastic has been considerably reduced, e.g. by using cardboard instead of plastic. The small screw bags have been removed, the plastic coils have been replaced with cardboard ones and the unnecessary protective plastics around the products have been removed. You can recognize the completely plastic-free packaging by the attached Plastic Free label and the almost plastic-free led strip packaging by the Minimal Plastic label.


Taking care of our environment - together

Our everyday operations are at least as important as big, years-long projects. Our environmental work is based on the awareness and commitment of every employee to take care of our environment with their everyday small and big choices, for example regarding electricity use, water consumption and waste sorting.

In our daily operations, our sustainability can be seen in how:

  • Responsible and environmentally friendly suppliers and partners
  • Minimizing and sorting waste
  • Minimizing energy use
  • Reuse of packaging material
  • Improving logistics and commuting
  • Environmental training for personnel and annual monitoring and reporting of the environmental impact of operations
  • Plastic Free packaging

The efficiency, functionality and environmental friendliness of the business are regularly assessed by internal audits and by the independent audit company DQS Finland Oy.

DQS Finland Oy

Responsible recycling

We are registered in Rinki Oy, an environmental organization of the packaging industry that organizes the collection of consumer packaging in Finland. In addition, we are a member of SERTY, which takes care of recycling of electrical and electronic products in Finland on behalf of its member companies. The consumer can deliver their end-of-life LIMENTE light fixtures free of charge to recycling bins managed by SERTY. This is how we support the use of packaging as recycled material and the prevention of environmental harm.

  • Find the nearest SERTY collection point (electronic products) at:
  • Consumer packaging materials (cardboards, plastics) can be recycled, for example, at the RINKI eco-point. Check out recycling tips and Rinki ecopoints at: