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Pleasant light in bathroom

Bathroom is the place where most of us start our day. Whether your morning routine includes a shower, a shave, or applying makeup, a pleasant light is a must. LIMENTE bathroom light fixtures are efficient but provide soft lighting in every direction through a matte glass.

LIMENTE bathroom light fixtures feature fixtures for general light as well as fixtures to be placed around your bathroom mirror, mounted either above it or next to it. You can also create spa-like ambience by placing separate fixtures at the center of the walls!

All LIMENTE bathroom light fixtures have a color temperature of 4000K, which closely resembles fresh natural light. Light should be as natural and effective as possible, shining evenly on your face especially when putting on your makeup!

LIMENTE LED-DR and LIMENTE LED-DS light fixtures are available recessed or surface-mounted. Their light output is ideal for bathrooms, as well. The fixtures require a very low installation space, they blend nicely into the ceiling and provide a beautiful, steady light to the room.

Add personality, ambience and expressiveness to your bathroom with indirect lights! A particularly easy way is to add an LED strip behind the mirror. Another way to express your style is install a light stripe on one or more walls. LED-UP profile light fixture makes it easy to implement an indirect light stripe on the ceiling.

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