Spot lights

Efficient working light and accent lights for furniture

Spotlights are small LED light fixtures suitable for interior decoration, which are often installed to be visible and seen. The fixtures are also available recessed. With LIMENTE furniture lights, you can accent and highlight a single object or use them in a kitchen workspace to provide efficient working light.

All the fixtures in our timeless and stylish collection provide pleasant and spotless light. The light is made spot-free by the matte protective glass in front of the LED light points. The protective glass ensures even light and the efficient LEDs provide sufficient light output.

Most of the fixtures are available in both a warm 3000 K and fresh 4000 K color temperature. The warm and cozy 3000 K color temperature is more yellow in tone than the cooler 4000 K color temperature, which closely resembles pure and natural white light. The fresh 4000 K color temperature is suited for any space, as it doesn’t alter the color tones of the interior design of the space but rather really makes the colors pop!

Our rechargeable light fixtures don’t need a separate power supply. Hence, they can be placed anywhere. The fixtures operate with rechargeable batteries. The fixtures are fastened with magnets, which makes them easy to install and unfasten. The batteries are charged with a USB connector.

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  • Battery lights

    Place your light fixtures anywhere you want

    Our battery-powered rechargeable light fixtures do not require a separate power supply, so you can freely place them where you want. The fixtures operate with rechargeable nuilt-in batteries. All the fixtures include an integrated ON/OFF switch, which is not only convenient and brings ease of use but also increases the lifespan of the product.

    LIMENTE rechargeable light fixtures are easy to charge the same way your mobile phone is charged. The fixture itself is attached to the desired location with magnets, making it easy to remove and charge using the USB connector.

  • Vitriinivalaisimet

    Highlight surfaces with small spotlights

    LIMENTE vitrine lights are small, spotlight-like LED light fixtures that are often installed to be visible and seen, as they are a part of décor. The fixtures are also available recessed. Using our vitrine lights, you can accent a single object in vitrines and on shelves, or anywhere in your home to accent details of your décor.

    Our versatile and stylish lighting collection is available in white, black, aluminum and stainless steel. A new addition to complete the collection is our LED-LETO in brass.

  • Furniture lights

    Decorative spotlights for work light and to accent details in the interior

    LIMENTE furniture lights are spotlights that can be used either as a set or as individual lights, depending on the space and interior design. Spotlights are often installed to be a part of the interior and they are wanted to be visible and seen. Spotlights are often chosen to match the rest of the interior both in color and design. In our selection, you can find furniture lights in different colors, ranging from traditional stainless steel to modern black and white, not to mention trendy brass. The light fixtures can be installed both recessed in the cabinet or surface-mounted. LIMENTE furniture lights are available in a warm 3000 K or a neutral 4000 K color temperature to match your interior design and taste.

    Use LIMENTE furniture lights to accent and emphasize details of your interior design or use them for excellent working lighting in the kitchen or in breakfast cabinets, showcases and closets.

Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items
Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items