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Color temperature (kelvin)

The color temperature is conventionally stated in the unit of Kelvin (K). The color temperature has a substantial effect on the atmosphere of the space that is been lit. The higher the Kelvin value the bluer and colder the light is.


A normal light bulb has a color temperature of about 2700 K. It produces a warm light color. Lights with lower Kelvin values are usually used in homes because the white and yellowish light are considered cozy. A halogen lamp has a color temperature of about 3000 K.

Cold and bluish white lights are preferred in public spaces. This means lights with higher Kelvin values.
Led and compact fluorescent lights have more variability in their color temperatures. The light tone for the compact fluorescent lights vary from a neutral white to a warm white. Leds in turn are available in every tone. Lights with over 5000 K values are called daylight lamps.

You should take into consideration, besides the color temperature, the illuminance in terms of the size and the use of the space when choosing a light fixture. This will be affected by the amount of light from the light fitting.

Different color temperatures

Kelvin asteikko

2700 - 3200 K

  • 2700 K is a warm color temperature, which corresponds to the color temperature of a halogen light.
  • A 3000 K color temperature is traditionally considered as cozy but as a warm color it tones the look of the home and e.g. the kitchen area-materials yellowish.

4000 - 5000 K

  • A color temperature of 4000 K is very close to the color temperature of daylight.
  • light is good for the eyes and suits for places where a good working light is important.
  • light tone reflects the colors of materials clean and hereby is well suitable with white kitchen cabinets.
  • Most of the LIMENTE LED lights has a color temperature of 4000 K.

5500 - 6500 K

  • 6000 K is a bluish light tone which corresponds to winter daylight.
  • The cold tone suits well e.g. public places.