Led kits

Versatile LED strips in easy sets

LED strips are one of the most versatile lighting products. They are suitable for both as working light for workspaces, such as the kitchen and the utility room, but they are also perfect for creating ambient indirect lighting on top of the cabinets and plinths.

To make choosing the right LED strip easier, we have compiled a selection of ready-made sets. The sets always include an LED strip and a power supply suitable for the strip, as well as other accessories depending on the package. Now you no longer have to think about the correct size of the power supply or the compatibility of the dimmer, you get everything you need in a ready-made lighting set.

All of our LED strips can be cut to the desired length from the marked points. Every full-length strip can be cut into two usable strips, as there is a three-meter-long cord at both ends of the full-long strip. No electrician is needed for installation as the wires are attached to each other using safe plug & socket connectors. The aluminum profiles, inside which the LED strips are recommended to be installed, are easy to install with the included brackets and screws. The sets are easy and convenient, as you can install them yourself.

The ready-made lighting sets are suitable for almost any space in the home, from the kitchen to the bathroom and staircase, as well as furniture. You can read tips for using LED strip lights on our blog or in the Lighting Tips section of our website. Choosing suitable LED lighting has never been so easy!

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  • Under-cabinet kits

    Easy sets to illuminate your kitchen counters

    When working in the kitchen and utility room, light is most needed on the worktop, which is why you should pay special attention to the lighting above it. Working in the kitchen, whether it is cooking or cleaning, is much safer and more comfortable with the right type of lighting providing even, spot-free and efficient light. High-quality and well-designed lighting in the workspace also creates an elegant finishing touch to the visual appearance of the kitchen.

    We have compiled a selection of ready-made sets to make choosing the right kind of lighting for your kitchen workspace easier. The sets always include the number of light fixtures indicated or a linear profile light fixture in the indicated length, as well as a power supply suitable for the strip. Now you no longer have to think about the correct size of the power supply or the compatibility of the dimmer, you get everything you need in a ready-made lighting set. You only need to decide how you wish to control the lights. You can control the lights, for example, with LIMENTE's wireless light control set, a switch on the side of the socket or one of our motion detectors.

  • Led-strip kits

    Complete LED-Ribbon sets

    With the multi-purpose LED-Ribbon sets, you can easily build efficient kitchen lighting, indirect lighting or even plinth lighting. In addition to the LED strip set, simply choose the lighting profile that best suits your needs, interior design and taste!

    LED strips are one of the most versatile lighting products. They are suitable both as working light in, for example, the kitchen or utility room, and as ambient lighting as indirect light on top of a cabinet or on a plinth. With LED strips, you can create the necessary working light on top of the kitchen counters, in the utility room or in another space where efficient light is needed. However, they can also be used to decorate and create stylish, atmospheric light details. This kind of indirect lighting is popular on top of cabinets, for framing mirrors or for framing furniture.

    Our ready-made sets include an LED strip that can be shortened to a desired length and a suitable power supply.Complete the beautiful and elegant set with the lighting profile you want, into which you install the LED strip, and with the lighting control that best suits your needs.

  • Breakfast cabinet kits

    Pleasant light in the breakfast cabinet - easy with ready-made sets 

    Breakfast cabinets are very popular and they are already becoming standard equipment in many kitchens. Small kitchen appliances as well as cereal and porridge packages can be hidden behind the doors in the breakfast cabinet, but at the same time you want the cabinet to be a beautiful part of the kitchen even when the doors are open. The interior of the breakfast cabinet, including the lighting, is thought out as part of the rest of the look of the kitchen. Carefully planned lighting makes everyday life easier and safer.

    Good general lighting in the kitchen is important, but it is not enough to illuminate the interior of the breakfast cabinet, especially when everyday chores are being done by the cabinet. It is important to light the cabinet from the inside, so that there is pleasant and sufficiently efficient light for buttering bread, making coffee and other activities. In addition, the carefully designed cabinet lighting also acts as an attractive part of the interior when the doors are open.

    Well-designed and efficient light inside the cabinet increases the ease of use of the cabinet and the safety of everyday chores. The lighting can also be a part of the entire kitchen's decor and emphasize the lines of the shelves as well as the materials chosen in a stylish way.

    To facilitate the design of breakfast cabinet lighting, we have put together a few ready-made sets, which include everything you need for breakfast cabinet lighting. The sets always contain all the parts needed for lighting, from light fixtures to lighting control in the same package!

    Complete the ensemble with the socket of your choice.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 26 items