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Energy label

The energy label helps you to choose a light fixture where energy efficient lights can be used.

Newly launched lights should have an energy label. Launching, means that when a light fixture or a lamp are available for the first time on the EU market. Energy labels are not added, on already launched products. Lightning that are already on the EU market can be sold as they are.
However, from the beginning of 2014 manufacturing or importing lightning without an energy label have not been permitted. The launching refers to a single light fixture or lamp and not to a model regardless if the light fixture or lamp is made as a single peace or as a mass production.

Package labels/ energy classes

The energy class label tells you

  • the energy efficiency class (A++ - E)
  • the energy consumption kWh per 1 000 hours

The energy label is not equivalent in all lights

The look of the label depends on what kind of lamps can be used in the light fitting. Can they be changed, what energy class lamps can be used, does the package include lamps and what energy class the lamps are.
The lights can have either a horizontal or vertical energy label

An example of an energy label for a light

Other package labels

Other package labels are i.a.

  • the amount of light lumen (lm)
  • the efficiency watt (W)
  • the lifetime in hours
  • the color temperature (kelvin = K) and the color rendering (Ra)
  • the amount the light can be turned on/off
  • a dimmer function

Observe the following facts in a quality Led light

  • The energy efficiency class is at least A (this means a small energy consumption that is to say low running costs = lower electricity bill)
  • Lifetime 30 000 hours (approximately 25 years)
  • the turn on/off times are in relation to the lifetime. A 25 000 hour light should withstand at least 25 000 turn ons and offs. It should withstand 50 000 turn on/offs, if the light is turned on and off often
  • the light hue is according to your own wishes and needs. The light produces a natural white light when it has a color temperature of 4000 kelvin (K).
  • The color rendering that is the Ra index, is at least 80