Limente warranty and additional warranty

We provide all our products a two-year warranty. A one, two or three-year additional warranty is provided to some products.

Warranty and additional warranty terms

  1. Limente warrants that the products, which are installed in accordance with the installation instructions and which are in normal use and in accordance with the operating instructions and applicable regulations, function as intended and are free from defects in materials.

  2. Unless specifically otherwise confirmed by Limente, the product(s) warranty is two (2) years. The warranty period starts on the date of delivery on which the recipient has received the product(s) but is limited to thirty (30) months from the end of the calendar month on which the product(s) are shipped from Limente.

    The product(s) may be provided with a limited period of additional warranty, which is specifically confirmed in writing and may contain related customer obligations. Longer warranty period always requires a proof of purchase. In case of basic 2 year or longer warranty period, Limente will provide a replacement product for the defective product including freight but not including labor or other costs. Longer warranty provided by Limente does not breach consumer’s legal rights.

  3. The product(s) must be carefully checked for conformity with the consignment note and the technical documentation and for any external defects at the time of delivery by end-user. Before installing, the installer must further inspect the product(s) and the technical and other shipping documentation, including but not limited to numerical information, before installing or securing the product(s) and verify that the item is working as intended. Deviations should be reported in writing to Limentes customer service immediately upon discovery.

    A defective product must not be installed.

  4. The obligations of Limente under warranty will be limited to either repair or provide a replacement product for the defective product including freight, handling and other direct costs regarding warranty repairing or providing a replacement product. In addition to this, the warranty also includes installation, if the product that shall be repaired or replaced is a 240V product that must be connected fixedly into the main power.  

    For additional warranty after the warranty period, Limente undertakes to provide a replacement product for the defective product including freight but not including installation and other costs.

  5. Installation or replacement under warranty will primarily be carried out by Limente or a service company authorized by Limente, replacing the defective product, if necessary, in whole or in part. Installation under warranty requires the defective product(s), or defective part(s) of the product(s), to be returned to Limente upon request.

    Limente reserves the right to decide whether to repair the defective product(s), whether to provide a replacement product for the defective product(s), or whether to provide the customer with an appropriate credit for the purchase price. With the exception of 240V products that must be connected fixedly into the main power, all Limente products are connected by a plug or fast connector and are therefor installable and exchangeable by the user themselves according to the installation manual. Limente is not liable for installation costs that have not in writing been agreed upon in advance.

  6. The warranty is limited as follows:

    A. The warranty does not cover consumable parts such as batteries, light sources, etc.

    B. The warranty does not cover the cost(s) of removal of the defective product, the cost(s) of installing a repaired or replacement product, or any indirect cost(s) or losses of, for example, the dismantling or reinstallation of equipment other than the defective product. With the exception of 240V products that must be connected fixedly into the main power, for which the warranty does cover installation as well.

    C. Limente’s liability shall not cover matters that could have been discovered during the inspections referred to in paragraph 3 or the consequences of such matters.

    D. Limente is not liable for any defect in the product(s) during the warranty period if Limente verifies that the defect is caused due to an accident, improper handling of the product, or other cause of the purchaser, such as improper installation, use or handling of the product(s), modifications, or unauthorized repairs to the product(s). Unless otherwise indicated, if the customer has opened the device or changed the wiring, the defect is considered to be due to the customer. 6.5 The warranty does not cover minor, irrelevant defects or imperfections where the alleged defect does not influence or effect the value, the functionality and proper usage of the product(s).

    E. Limente shall be deemed to have fulfilled its obligations under warranty when Limente has replaced the defective product(s), repaired the defective product(s) or credited the customer for the purchase price.

    F. After the expiration of the warranty period, Limente will only be liable for matters arising from the supplier’s gross negligence or willful misconduct.

    G. Limente’s contractual partner must limit its liability in accordance with these terms and conditions.

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