Installation methods

When purchasing light fixtures, make sure the installation method of the fixture is appropriate, safe, good-looking and technically possible. There are many different installation methods and you should choose the appropriate one for your site.

Different ways of installing a light fixture:

  • Surface-mounted

    Surface-mounted light fixtures are not immersed in the furniture structure but are installed either directly on the surface or using a mounting ring. The wiring and electrical connection may still remain inside the structures.

  • Recessed

    For recessed light fixtures, a recess is made for the fixture. The body of the light fixture is then installed inside the recess. Please note the required installation depth and the hole diameter.

  • Ceiling-mounted/suspended

    Ceiling-mounted or suspended light fixtures are installed on the ceiling of a room or on a panel that serves as a ceiling.

  • Plug-in

    The plug-in light fixtures include a plug connector that’s plugged into a power socket.

  • Fixed

    Light fixtures that are installed fixed are directly connected to the mains.



LIMENTE light fixtures and power sockets are available surface-mounted and recessed. Pendants have a plug-in connector. Regardless of the installation method, all the necessary connectors are included in delivery of the light fixtures. The connectors for 24 V LIMENTE light fixtures are fixed in the fixture, whereas the connectors for 240 V LIMENTE light fixtures are unattached.

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