3 easy ways to create indirect lighting in the kitchen

Published: 03/02/2020 12:14:56
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The kitchen is a great place to implement several kinds of indirect lighting. With the help of indirect light sources, the kitchen adapts from bright daylight to a dim evening light.

Indirect lighting is a convenient and simple way to create different moods in a space - from bright daylight to a dim evening. The lighting can also be installed afterwards, making it easy to change the look of the space without major renovations.

The idea of ​​indirect lighting is that it is placed invisibly behind different structures or profiles, such as on top of cabinets in the kitchen.

Indirect lighting should not dazzle the viewer but should be a soft lighting element that either illuminates the room in general or acts as an additon to general lighting. If indirect light is used as general light, it should be more efficient than normal because the light is reflected through another surface to the target.

In addition, it is good to note that the general light, the work light and the indirect light source operate with different switches so that the amount of light can be increased or decreased if necessary.

For indirect lighting in dry rooms, IP20 rated luminaires can also be used, unlike in rooms with possibility of splashing water, where the recommended rating is IP44.

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Indirect light in the kitchen

In the kitchen, the amount light both on the worktop and at the table is important to be efficient enough make cooking safe and comfortable. However, it is good to remember that nowadays people often spend more time in the kitchen also doing other things than just cooking, so it is also good to have a pleasant interior light in addition to the efficient light. Indirect lighting in the kitchen adds light and at the same time brings out the look of the kitchen cabinets.

The most popular places for indirect light in the kitchen:

  1. on top of the upper cabinets
  2. under the plinths
  3. under the table tops

1. On top of the upper cabinets

Indirect lighting can easily be implemented on top of the top cabinets. Properly installed, the light is a pleasant addition when reflecting light into the room, for example, through the ceiling.

Install the luminaire on top of the cabinet so that the luminaire is not visible to the viewer and align the light so that only the reflection of light is visible. To make the light as pleasant as possible, it is smart to align the luminaire mounted on top of the top cabinets diagonally forwards and towards the ceiling. This allows light to appear evenly as indirect light, reflected through the ceiling and wall back into the kitchen space. You can avoid the patterns on the end walls by placing the lamp to start about 30 to 50 cm from the side walls.

The light is softer in effect than efficient work light because it is reflected through different surfaces.

Indirect lighting on top cabinets can be implemented with many different luminaires. For example, a Led-Corner, can be installed on top of the top cabinet in the rear corner, from which either an IP20 or IP44 version can be used. Note the IP class according to the area of installation.. The LED-Corner provides spotless and even light, making it particularly suitable as an indirect light source. The luminaire is designed to be installed at an angle and placed, for example, on top of a cabinet. Its light is already directed diagonally in the right direction. The luminaire can be cut to a suitable length. The Led-Corner is also available as a color temperature-adjustable CCT option, which allows the color temperature to be adjusted on site just to suit other lighting or times of the day.

In the recessed Led-Grade profile luminaire, the angle of the light is also pre-directed diagonally. The light profile is well suited for places where the luminaire is desired to be a part of the furniture

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2. Light under the plint

The plinth light can simply be implemented with Led-Linea. The profile is attached to the bottom of the lower cabinet, allowing light to illuminate directly towards the floor, reflected back into the room. The color of the plinth and the floor, as well as the material, help to determine how the light is reflected. From a dark surface, light is reflected more dimly than from a light or shiny surface.

The plinth light also works well as a night light because the light does not hit the eyes directly and is not too bright. If you want the light to come on automatically when approaching the cabinet, you should use the Limente Limente Smart 110 PIR tunnistinta.

In the example in the picture, Led-Lineais installed under the plinth..

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3. Light under the table tops

The lower edge of the worktop can also be lit just as easily with the Led-Inser Minin tai Led-Lilan avulla. Both are recessed designs that can be used depending on the thickness and material of the level. The Led-Inser Mini illuminates straight down and the Led-Lila diagonally backwards towards the rear edge of the drawer unit.

Lights installed below the worktop illuminate the drawer unit when they are open. In addition, the light works well as both night and mood light at dusk.

In addition to the above-mentioned means, indirect lighting can be implemented with many other ready-made profile luminaires. The list can be wide or narrow, it is only important to remember that the light does not dazzle.

You can find various profile lights here.

Note these points when choosing indirect light: :

  • the luminaire itself should not be visible
  • the light should not be dazzling
  • Always use the same LED strip on luminaires that are lit at the same time so that the light is calmly uniform
  • 3000 K works well as mood light and 4000 K as work light
  • the light is connected to a separate light switch than the general light


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