Recess mounted sockets

Surface mounted sockets are compact and low-profile sockets with a stylish and inconspicuous appearance that seamlessly blends into various surfaces. The latest innovations are trendy socket solutions featuring integrated USB A+C ports or a wireless charger for phones and a Bluetooth speaker. In addition to traditional colors like white, matte black or brushed steel, tabletop outlets offer a selection of enticing new colors such as gold, pewter, bronze, or champagne tones.

Apart from small kitchen appliances like toasters or coffee makers, there is often a need for sockets for charging devices such as iPads or smartphones. For these devices, having USB ports available for easy charging is convenient. The tabletop outlet range includes models with both traditional Schuko sockets and models equipped with USB A- and C-connectors.

Surface mounted socket models are low-profile, making them ideal for installation on various surfaces. Models like Desk, Mono or Turn feature sockets that can be neatly concealed under a sliding cover when not in use. Pick-1, Pick-2, Pick-3 and Pick-4, as well as Dot models, are among the smallest on the market and therefore blend elegantly into different surfaces. Due to their uniform appearance, Pick or Dot models can be installed side by side, maintaining a stylishly consistent look.

Thanks to their tidy and inconspicuous appearance, tabletop outlets are suitable for use not only on kitchen countertops but also in bedrooms, living rooms, and office furniture. Their easy installation method allows them to be quickly installed without the need for an electrician's assistance.

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