Frequently asked questions - FAQ

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> What to do when the Smart 100 IR switch does not respond to movement?

> Can the plug of the built-in Limente Desk socket be extended / replaced?

> How to install and remove the aluminum profile cover without damaging the cover?

> What are the thicknesses, lengths and maximum lengths of the wires used in Limente luminaires?

> How can Limente luminaires be dimmed?

> What material does Limente use in the covers of aluminum profiles?

> Can Limente Mini sockets be concatenated?

> Can the Limente LED power supply (Led28030, led28060 and led28100) be dimmed from the primary side?

> What is the IP rating and can the luminaires be used in humid rooms?

> Can LED lights be used with a dimmer?

> Can the LED light wires be extended?

> What is a color rendering index and what is a good value for it?

> What is the correct color temperature?

> What are the most important features of LEDs?

> What should be taken into consideration when designing lighting?