Quality LED strips for different spaces

LED-RIBBON is a separate LED strip that can be installed with double-sided tape as working light or mood light for creating ambience. When choosing an LED strip, consider the following:

What is the installation location of the LED strip? Do you need a strip for humid conditions (IP44) or is a strip for dry conditions (IP20) enough? If you are unsure, choose a strip suitable for humid conditions. The same strip is suitable for both dry and humid conditions, whereas the strip for dry conditions is not suitable for humid conditions.

What is the desired color temperature? If it’s most important to create ambience, is a warm white (3000K) usually the most suitable choice. However, if you require working light, the natural white (4000k) could be more suitable. In case you wish to adjust the color temperature yourself, choose a CCT strip with adjustable color temperature (2700K-6000K). Remember to order LIMENTE SMART CCT switch (no. 640430 + 640434) with the CCT strip!

The LED strip should always be installed on a heat conducting surface, such as the LIMENTE LIGHT PROFILE, to avoid overheating. There are several types of LIMENTE profiles available, choose the one best suited for your needs and your taste! You can either purchase the profiles and LED strips separately, or choose a bundle from our profile light fixtures collection! The bundles include both the strip and the profile.

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