Indirect lighting

means that light is reflected into the room through a surface, such as a wall or ceiling. Indirect lighting is soft and even. It can be implemented with different profile light fixtures or with an LED strip attached to a shelf, under a tabletop or in a plinth.

Dimming indirect lighting provides you the possibility to create ambience in your home to your own taste.

With indirect lighting you can easily create stylish and impressive lighting in your home, whether you’re in need of great general lighting or wish to bring out the best aspects of your home interior. Ordinary furniture comes to life and the shape of the space can be brought out stylishly with a little help from indirect lighting. Indirect light is soft and pleasant, so it creates an atmospheric general light or adds to existing lighting. Indirect lighting is suitable for any space at home.

It's best to consider indirect lighting when planning the space. This way all the best aspects of the interior are beautifully highlighted, and you can consider the effect of the properties of the surface used for reflecting the indirect light. At the same time, all the wiring for lights and the locations of the power sources are also taken into account and planned.

Designing indirect lighting

When designing indirect lighting, it’s best to begin with finding out where indirect lighting is easy to use and what kind of light fixtures are recommended for the kind of indirect lighting you desire. From there, it’s easy to choose the right products for your home. However, indirect lighting is easy to install and modify, so use your imagination freely and design indirect lighting to your taste.

See below for examples on how to implement indirect lighting and which LIMENTE products to use:

epäsuoran valon kohteet

1. LED-CORNER installed on top of a cabinet illuminates at an angle of 45 degrees, which creates a wide, pleasant, and even light reflecting to the room from the ceiling. Read more about LIMENTE LED-CORNER

2. LED-INSER placed between a cabinet and the wall illuminates the back wall The higher the light fixture is placed, the better the light illuminates from the wall. Correspondingly, when placed at the bottom of the cabinet, the light illuminates from the level below. Read more about LED-INSER

3. In the plinth of a cabinet, LED-LINEA forms a clear strip of light. The light is a beautiful light element but also a safety feature when moving in the dark. Read more about LIMENTE LED-LINEA

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4. When installed under a tabletop, light reflects beautifully from the cabinet doors and floor back into the room. Read more about LED-PROFIL

5. LED-UP placed up at the ceiling line illuminates the room from the ceiling. The closer the profile light fixture is to the ceiling, the narrower the light stripe formed. When placed lower, the ceiling is illuminated from a wider area. Read more about LED-UP

6. LED-RIBBON installed behind a mirror, an interior or decorative board provides pleasant indirect lighting from the wall. The LED strip can be installed directly on an object or on a mounting profile.Please note that the LED strip must always be installed on a heat-conducting surface for the lamp to reach the promised lifespan. Read more about LED-RIBBON

7. LED-DUO placed on the wall creates a beautiful light effect either upwards, downwards or both upwards and downwards. Read more about LED-DUO

Limente Led-Duo

8. A LED-WALL embedded in the wall pleasantly illuminates the floor below. Led-Wall also forms a narrower light strip the closer it is to the illuminated surface, and the illuminated area increases accordingly, the higher the profile is installed. Led-Wall also works excellently in a staircase to illuminate the steps or in a kitchen space as a strip of light. Read more about LED-WALL


Indirect lighting can also be used in closets, wardrobes, cabinets and display cases and vitrines.