Indirect lighting

Is light that reflects into a room through another surface, such as a wall or ceiling. The light is smooth and pleasant, and the bright light source doesn’t disturb the eyes. Indirect light is easy to create by using different kinds of moldings or by placing light behind objects on the wall, for example.

You can easily create ambience for working, entertaining or any mood in between by dimming your LIMENTE indirect lighting.

Indirect light is a beautiful way to illuminate a room and, at the same time, an extremely easy way to increase the interest of the space with light. Shapes and furniture are elegantly accented when they are illuminated indirectly. Indirect light is pleasant and easy on the eyes, as it never blinds. The pleasantly soft light suits any space and creates a personal touch to your interior design.

Indirect lighting is best to consider when designing a space. At that point, it’s convenient to decide which objects to highlight. At the same time, wiring and power supply locations will also be taken into account!

Design of indirect lights

Your imagination is the only limit when designing indirect lighting! However, it’s good to find out in advance in which places the light is easy to use and which light fixtures are recommended for indirect light.

Indirect light can be used:

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1. Installed on top of a cupboard or cabinet, LIMENTE LED-CORNER creates a pleasant, comfortable light over a wide area at an angle of 45 degrees. Read more about LIMENTE LED-CORNER

2. Installed between a cabinet and wall, LIMENTE LED-INSER illuminates the back wall. The higher the light fixture is placed, the better the light is framed along the wall. Similarly, when LED-INSER is installed at the bottom of the cabinet, the work top is completely illuminated. Read more about LIMENTE LED-INSER.

3. In cabinet plinths, LIMENTE LED-LINEA provides a clear light strip that not only serves as an interior design element but also as a safety light when moving in the dark. Read more about LIMENTE LED-LINEA

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4. Installed beneath a table top, LIMENTE LED-PROFIL provides beautiful light that is pleasantly reflected back into the room through the cabinet wall and floor. Read more about LIMENTE LED-PROFIL

5. Installed on the ceiling boundary, LIMENTE LED-UP illuminates the room through the ceiling. The closer to the ceiling LED-UP is, the narrower the light strip composed on the ceiling is. When installed lower, the ceiling is illuminated over a wider area. Read more about LIMENTE LED-UP

6. Installed behind a mirror, canvas or interior panel, LIMENTE LED-RIBBON LED strip provides a pleasant indirect light through the wall. The LED strip can be attached directly on the object or on the mounting strip used to, for example, bring the mirror out of the wall surface. Please note that LED strips should always be installed on a heat conducting surface to guarantee the lifetime of the LEDs. Read more about LIMENTE LED-RIBBON

7. Installed on a wall, LIMENTE LED-DUO creates an amazing light effect on the wall with a light projecting either up or down, or even both up and down! Read more about LIMENTE LED-DUO

Limente Led-Duo

8. Recessed in a wall, LIMENTE LED-WALL illuminates the floor below. The closer LIMENTE LED-WALL is to the illuminated surface, the narrower light strip is created. And, accordingly, the illuminated area is wider the higher the light fixture is installed. LED-WALL is also a perfect choice to be installed in staircases to illuminate the stairs or in a kitchen workspace as a light strip. Read more about LIMENTE LED-WALL


Other places in which to use indirect light: closets and wardrobes, various display cabinets and showcases.