All LIMENTE products are made from carefully selected components, taking into account both quality and product life. Each LIMENTE product has a two-year warranty. In addition, some products are granted with an additional LUX warranty, which extends the warranty up to five years.

The LIMENTE collection includes products that are optimized for both components and manufacturing processes to deliver high quality light and long product life. In addition to the standard two-year warranty, we provide one, two, or three-year additional LUX warranty. The additional warranty means we provide a new product free-of-charge to replace a defective one even after the standard warranty.

In addition to longer life, the light fixtures in the LIMENTE LUX collection have a higher LED efficiency (lm/W) and color rendering index, or Ra, of at least 85 (up to Ra>95 in some products). The LED efficiency indicates how energy efficient the light fixture is and the Ra value indicates the ability of the light fixture to reproduce colors of the illuminated object as naturally as possible. In a good light fixture, the Ra value should never be less than 80. Read more about Ra value here.

You’re able to identify the products with additional warranty from the LUX logo, which can be found on our website and in the Limente catalogue.


High-quality LIMENTE LUX products are characterized by:

  • Excellent color rendering – CRI (Ra>85-95)
  • Excellent LED efficiency – (lm/W)
  • Great value for money
  • High-quality components
  • Long product life
  • LUX logo