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Light control

Adjust and change your atmosphere in your home

Adjustable lighting works as part of your home décor. The lighting can be easily controlled by different wireless switches. Controlling the lights should be easy and convenient, and as a result the lights become a vital part of your home. The wireless light switch is especially easy to install without any separate electrical work. The LED makes your lighting adjustable and transforms the look of your home in a moment from bright daylight to an atmospheric evening light.

The LIMENTE lights collection contains a wide range of dimmable lights with which you can make your home light and comfortable. With the wireless light switch, the light output can be controlled smoothly. A dimmable light will guarantee a light suitable for all moods.

With the LIMENTE SMART dimmer, you can adjust the light intensity of the LIMENTE lamps smoothly between 0-100%. The LIMENTE SMART dimmer is installed between the power supply and the lights. One dimmer is required per power source. The On/off switch and the dimming are on a separate wireless wall controller. Because the Smart system is wireless it does not require wiring and is easy to install even afterwards.

The stylish SMART switches can be connected to all LIMENTE lights. The switches are available in white and black glass, and with the white Smart 350 switch you can choose at the installation stage the center colour to be either white or black.

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  • Dimmers and switches

    Adjust light as needed

    You can decorate your home beautifully by adding light into it. By adjusting the lights you can create the perfect mood for the situation. With dimmable LED lights, you can easily and effortlessly create different moods for your décor. The dimmable lights make your home feel both bright and comfortable.

    The light switch is an integral part of the illumination. When entering the room, it is important that the light switch is positioned exactly where it is first needed. When entering a dark room searching for the light switch can be frustrating, hence the switch needs to be there where it is first needed. After installing the lights, think and test where you would expect the light switch to be. Install the light switch only once you are fully sure where it right place will be. At the same time, think about which lights you want to control and connect the switch to the lights you want to steer.

    The switch also works as a dimmer. Dimming the Light causes the mood to change, allowing the dimmer to adjust the LED lights to the right brightness. For example, bright light for daytime and dim evening moods. Dimmer allows you to determine the amount of light in the room.

    What's easier than a wireless light switch that can be installed afterwards. With the help of the Wireless LIMENTE SMART systems, you can conveniently build a functioning lighting control system. The System consist of an LED diaphragm component and a wall switch to adjust the illumination. Almost all of the LIMENTE lamps are dimmable.

    The LIMENTE SMART 350 and 400 series controller and led dimmer are simple and quick to install and do not require separate electrical installations. All connections are made with quick couplings.

    The LIMENTE SMART 350 remote control and dimmer unit are pre-paired and the system is ready for immediate use. The system can control all 24 V LIMENTE lights. The SMART 400 is more flexibible than SMART 350 system and it also allows you to connect to the 240 V LIMENTE ceiling lamps as well as CCT lamps.

  • Motion sensors

    Automatic light control to ease your life

    The automated control of lights is at its best when the lights are turned on when and where they are. With motion sensors the unnecessary use of lights and the consumption of electricity are reduced while safety increases. Nothing is more convenient than when you enter to a dark home with your hands full of goods and lights lit up without you needing to find the light switch.

    The LIMENTE 100 series is designed to automate the lighting control in all areas of your home. The system will ignite any lights in the room, closet lights or even the kitchen's spacing lights when the lights are needed. The lights remain switched on as long as you are in the room or, for example, the closet door is open. Sensible lighting control creates a new kind of comfort/safety in your home and at the same time it is also an environmental friendly way to use the lights.