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Adjust and change ambience in your home

Adjustable lighting is a part of your home décor. Lighting is easy and effortless to control with wireless switches. Controlling lighting should be easy and convenient, which enables lighting to be an essential part of your home décor and ambience. The wireless light switches are especially easy to install without costly electrical work. An LED dimmer enables lighting control, which transforms the look of your home from bright daylight to an ambient evening light in an instant.

LIMENTE lights collection contains a wide range of dimmable light fixtures, which are perfect to make your home bright and comfortable. With a dimmable light fixture and a wireless light switch you are able to adjust lighting in your home to create ambience for working, entertaining, or any mood in between.

With LIMENTE SMART dimmers, you can adjust the light intensity of LIMENTE light fixtures smoothly between 0-100%. The LIMENTE SMART dimmer is installed between the power supply and the fixtures. One dimmer is required per power supply. The ON/OFF switch and the dimming switch are found on a separate wireless wall controller. LIMENTE SMART system is wireless and does not require wiring, which makes it easy to install even afterwards.

The stylish LIMENTE SMART switches can be paired with any of LIMENTE light fixtures. The switches are available in white and black glass. LIMENTE SMART 350 switch is white but the color of the central part of the switch can be chosen between black and white while installing.

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  • Wireless light control

    Adjust light as needed

    Lighting is an essential part of decorating your home. With lighting control, you can adjust the atmosphere to be perfect in any situation. Dimmable LED lights enable an easy and effortless way to create different moods for your décor. Dimmable lights make your home bright, cozy, and comfortable.

    The light switch is an integral part of lighting. When entering a room, it’s important that the light switch is positioned exactly where it’s needed. Searching for a light switch in a dark room can be frustrating, which is exactly why you need the switch right where it’s most convenient. When the light fixtures are installed in place, take a moment to think and see where you would expect the light switch to be. Install the switch only after you’re completely sure of the proper location for it. In the meantime, give a thought to all the light fixtures you want to control at the same time. Once you’ve made up your mind, simply pair the switch with the fixtures you want to control.

    The switch also operates as a dimmer. With a dimmer, you can adjust the lighting levels and change the atmosphere with just a push of a button. The dimmer adjusts the LED lights to the correct brightness according to your preferences. For example, have bright light at daytime and dim light for evening moods.

    Is there anything easier or more convenient than a light switch that can be installed afterwards? With the wireless LIMENTE SMART lighting control, you can conveniently design a functioning lighting control system to your needs. The systems consist of an LED diaphragm component and a wall switch to adjust the lighting. Almost all LIMENTE light fixtures are dimmable.

    LIMENTE SMART 350 and LIMENTE SMART 400 series’ controllers and dimmers are quick and easy to install and do not require separate electrical work. All connections are done with quick connectors. The SMART 400 system is broader than the SMART 350 system, and you can even connect 240 V LIMENTE ceiling light fixtures and CCT light fixtures to it.

  • Motion detectors

    Automatic lighting control to ease your life

    An automatic lighting control is at its best when you don’t even notice it. The lights are turned on whenever they’re needed, wherever they’re needed. Good lighting is essential for safety, which increases with an automatic lighting control, while energy is saved, too! There’s nothing more convenient than automatically lit lighting, when you arrive home with your hands full at dark.

    LIMENTE 100 system is designed to automate lighting control in all spaces of your home. The system will illuminate any light in a room, in a closet, or in a kitchen workspace, when it’s needed. The light is on as long as you’re in the room or, for example, the door of the closet is open. A smart lighting control system creates new kind of comfort and safety in your home, all the while being an environmental end ecological way of lighting.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items