Automatic lights

Automated control makes lighting simple and convenient for everyday chores. An automatic lighting control system is an easy way to add some luxury into your everyday life, as lights are turned on without reaching for a light switch! Automated lighting control is well suited for any space where light is needed throughout the day. It’s worth taking a moment to design your lighting control system, as automated lighting is pleasant and easy to use, brings joy and is energy-efficient.

Automated lighting control may sound like a difficult thing but is, in fact, quite simple. All LIMENTE lights support our LIMENTE SMART lighting control system, which is available in four different versions. In addition, there will soon be available a new type of a light profile fixture with an integrated motion sensor.

Things to consider when designing an automatic lighting control system:

  • Choose the most well-suited sensor for your needs. Most spaces also allow the use of different types of lighting control systems!
  • Consider which lights to connect to a motion or presence detection sensor.
  • You can connect part of the lights to a traditional light switch and another part to an automated system.
  • You control all the lights installed to the same power supply at the same time

automaattinen valonohjaus

How to design an automatic lighting control system:


Automated lighting control can be designed in several different ways for a kitchen workspace. LIMENTE SMART 110 presence detection sensor turns on the lights whenever you’re within 60-100cm from the sensor. The lights are turned on as long as you stay within the detection distance. The lights go out with a slight delay, so a small absence does not turn off the lights. For larger kitchens, it’s advisable to use multiple sensors to ensure a sufficient detection distance.

The lighting in a kitchen workspace can also be automated to respond to a wave of a hand. LIMENTE SMART 140 has an integrated infrared sensor that senses hand movement. Move your hand 1-5cm from the sensor and the lights will turn on or off.

Lighting in the kitchen can also be automatically controlled e.g. in a breakfast cabinet. The lights are turned on once the doors are opened. The automated lighting control of the breakfast cabinet is conveniently implemented with LIMENTE SMART 120 motion sensor. The sensor detects the movement of the door and lights are turned on every time the door opens.

LIMENTE LED-PROFIL LUX Sensor light profile is available in our new collection 2019. The light fixture is designed for a kitchen workspace.

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Esimerkki keittiön valonohjaus Smart 110 - liiketunnistimella.

Bathroom, walk-in closet and hallways

General lighting in bathrooms, walk-in closets and hallways can be automated with the LIMENTE SMART 130 motion sensor. The SMART 130 can be connected to any LIMENTE light fixture. It has an adjustable detection distance of 3-20m and the on-time can be adjusted from 1 sec to up to 10 min. Automated lighting in the bathroom or public spaces increases hygiene and saves energy. The SMART 130 motion sensor is best suited for spaces where you are just passing through or only stay for very short periods of time. The automatic functions can be adjusted according to the purpose of the space and how long you want to have the lights turned on.

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Esimerkki vaatekomeron valonohjaus Smart 120 - tunnistimella.

Closets and wardrobes

LIMENTE SMART 120 motion sensor is a convenient and simple way to execute automatic lighting control for closets and wardrobe interiors. The light is turned on when the sensor detects the door opening and the light is turned off when the door closes. The installation distance from the closet or wardrobe door should be noted and observed in the installation instructions for the sensor to respond to the door movement. The SMART 120 motion sensor can be used in closets and wardrobes with both sliding and swing doors!

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Esimerkki yleistilojen valonohjauksesta Smart 130 - liiketunnistimella.


On the stairs, automatic lighting control increases both safety and convenience. The LIMENTE SMART 130 motion sensor can be mounted on either or both ends of the staircase so that the lights are turned on every time you enter the stairs and the lights go out when there’s no movement on the stairs. It’s best to adjust the on-time based on how often people walk on the stairs and how long you want the light to be turned on. The detection distance is best to be set to minimum if you don’t want the lights to turn on every time you pass the stairs.


Offices and workspaces

In offices, automatic lighting control enhances energy efficiency and functionality. Best automatic lighting control systems are, for example, ceiling-mounted panel lights that turn on when you’re in the room and turn off with a longer delay when motion is no longer detected in the room. The LIMENTE SMART 130 is well-suited for an office space. It’s advisable to set the detection distance to 20m in the office and the on-time to 20mins to ensure the light stays on and does not turn off until the end of the working day.

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Esimerkki keittiön välitilavalojen valonohjauksesta Smart 140 - IR-tunnistimen avulla.


An automatic lighting control system in the bedroom can be used, for example, in combination with night lights or reading lamps. However, an automated general light in the bedroom should be avoided, as having lights turn on and off whenever motion is detected can be a pain. The LIMENTE SMART 140 IR sensor can be used to turn the reading light on and off with a wave of a hand.


Ceiling lighting with integrated automatic lighting control

Light fixtures with a built-in motion sensor are convenient in commercial spaces. LIMENTE KASTE is a ceiling suitable for commercial spaces with a 5m radius control. In addition, the motion sensitivity and the on-time can be adjusted between 10sec and 30min. The design of the light fixture is timeless and simplistic, which makes the fixture a great choice for the bathroom as well as hallways or closets. The light fixture can also be mounted on a wall.

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Automated lighting is energy-efficient and practical

Automatic lighting control fits every room, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

A motion-sensing light facilitates everyday life and creates a sense of security in the dark!

VIDEO LIMENTE SMART 120 – Automatic lighting control in a closet