Automatic lighting control

Lights that turn on automatically are an easy way to add a little luxury to your life. Automatic lighting control makes everyday chores significantly easier: no more fumbling for the light switch in the dark, as the lights turn on with a wave of a hand or from movement. Wherever light is needs regularly around the clock, be it in the kitchen, in the bathroom, bedroom or hallway, an automated lighting control is always a suitable choice. Planning the lighting control in your home is worth spending some time on, since automated lighting brings joy and saves energy. In addition, it’s particularly user-friendly.

Automated lighting control may sound like a job for an avid electrician, but with LIMENTE products you can do the job yourself easier than you might imagine. The LIMENTE SMART lighting control system has been completely renewed and is now even more stylish, versatile, and environmentally friendly.

Things to consider when designing an automatic lighting control system:

  • Choose the most well-suited sensor for your needs. In most spaces it’s often possible to use different types of lighting control systems!
  • Consider which lights to connect to a motion or presence detection sensor.
  • Some lights can be connected to a traditional light switch, and some can be automated.
  • All the lights installed to the same power supply can be controlled at the same time

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How to design an automatic lighting control system:


Automated lighting control can be designed in several different ways for a kitchen workspace. LIMENTE SMART SENSOR 511 turns on the lights whenever light is needed. The lights stay on as long as you stay within the sensor’s detection distance. The detection distance is, on average, 1-2 m, but depends on the installation environment and the detected movement. The lights turn off with a small delay to make sure lights don’t turn on and off unnecessarily. In a larger kitchen, it’s advisable to use several sensors to ensure a sufficient detection distance. You can connect up to four PIR presence detectors to one LIMENTE SMART SENSOR 511 system.

The lighting in a kitchen workspace can also be automated to respond to a wave of a hand. LIMENTE SMART SENSOR 512 reacts to hand movements under the sensor. Move your hand under the sensor and the lights will turn on or off, or even brighten and dim, respectively. The small sensor can installed, for example, in the bottom of an upper cabinet.

Automatic lighting control can also be used in, e.g., a breakfast cabinet. The lights turn on automatically when the cabinet doors are opened. Use LIMENTE SMART SENSOR 512 to implement automatic lighting control in your breakfast cabinet. The sensor can be used as a door switch, so the system turns on the breakfast cabinet lights when the door is opened and light is needed.The lights stay on as long as the cabinet door is open.

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Esimerkki keittiön valonohjaus Smart 110 - liiketunnistimella.

Bathroom, walk-in closet and hallways

Lighting in bathrooms, walk-in closets and hallways can be automated with the LIMENTE SMART SENSOR 511. The system turns on the lights in the room whenever light is needed. Automated lighting in common rooms such as the bathroom increases hygiene and saves energy. The motion sensing LIMENTE SMART 511 is suitable for controlling any 24V LIMENTE light. The detection distance is about 1-2 m. In large spaces and places that can be accessed from two different sides, it’s recommended to use more sensors. You can connect up to four sensors per system, and the sets contain all the necessary parts to make automating the lights in your home as easy as possible.

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Esimerkki vaatekomeron valonohjaus Smart 120 - tunnistimella.

Closets and wardrobes

Lighting control of closets and wardrobe interiors is simple and convenient to execute with the LIMENTE SMART SENSOR 512 door switch. The light turns on when the sensor detects the door opening and turns off when the door closes. Make sure the installation distance from the door is in accordance with the installation instructions, so the sensor reacts to the movement of the door. The Smart Sensor 512 works with both sliding doors and swing doors.

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Automated lighting control in the bedroom is a nice and convenient feature for night or reading lights. Use LIMENTE SMART SENSOR 512 to turn your reading light on and off with a wave of a hand. General lighting in the bedroom is not optimal for automated lighting, as you wouldn’t want the lights turning on at night.


A ceiling light with integrated automatic lighting control

A ceiling light with integrated lighting control in convenient in all common spaces. LIMENTE KASTE is a ceiling light, whose detection range can be set within a radius of 5 m. You can set the time of the light being turned on between 10 sec and 30 min. The light is suitable for common spaces. KASTE is simple and timeless in appearance, which makes it suitable for bathrooms, hallways, or closets. The light can also be installed on the wall.

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Automated lighting is practical and energy efficient.

Automatic lighting control is suitable for every room, from kitchen to bathroom.

Automated lights make everyday life easier and safer.

VIDEO LIMENTE SMART 120 – Automatic lighting control in a closet