LIMENTE LED driver white, 24 V | integrated connectors

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LIMENTE LED 24 V driver

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LED28030 4009738 LED driver 30 W, 24 V: In stock MyLimente LED28060 4009740 LED driver 60 W, 24 V: In stock MyLimente LED28100 4009741 LED driver 100 W, 24 V: In stock MyLimente

LED driver 24 V with integrated connectors

LIMENTE 24 V power supplies are designed to work with 24 V LIMENTE lights. The power supplies are as thin as possible, making them easy to hide in furniture, for example. Power supplies have a removable primary cord to make the installation even easier. The secondary side has correspondingly integrated connectors for the six lights. In addition, the power supply has versatile protections in case of various fault situations.

Power supplies with integrated connectors are only available as a 24 V model and should be used with 24 V lights only. You can identify Limente 24 V products from the black connectors.

Dimming and light control

By adjusting the lighting, you can always customize the lighting and create lighting that suits your home in any situation. By dimming the LIMENTE lights, you change the lighting of your home from efficient and bright to dim and cozy. If you wish, you can use the same switch to adjust all the LIMENTE lights in the room, including the various ceiling, panel and furniture lights. The lights adjust evenly and at the same time, changing the atmosphere of the entire space at once.

The LIMENTE 24 V power supply can be used with the LIMENTE SMART 350 (No. 640350) and the LIMENTE SMART 400 Series 24 V Dimmer (No. 640420) and the wireless wall switches (No. 640411, 640421 and 640422, 640424, 640425) that control it. In both options, the dimmer is installed between the power supply and the luminaires and includes the same manifold as the power supply. 6 LIMENTE lamps can be connected to one dimmer, as long as it is ensured that the maximum load (W) of the power supply is not exceeded.

LIMENTE power supplies cannot be dimmed from the primary side.


The power supplies are protected against various fault situations. At the same time, the protection extends the life of the product.

The protections used are:
- overvoltage protection, the power supply returns to operation when the fault condition disappears
- short-circuit protection, the power supply returns to operation when the fault condition disappears
- overheat protection, the power supply returns to operation when the fault condition disappears

Package contents

- driver with integrated manifold
- detachable power cord with plug
- Plastic Free packaging

Technical data

Installation method
Surface mounting
Current supply
Secondary connector
6 x Top, black
Enclosure class
24 V DC
Energy class
Warranty months

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