LIMENTE SMART 140 (ON/OFF IR-switch) | 240 V

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Motion-responsive ON / OFF switch

LIMENTE SMART 140 is, for example, a hand-responsive switch that is installed between the mains and the power supply. The sensor has an infrared sensor that responds to hand movement. A small sensor can be installed on the bottom of the cabinet, for example. When you move your hand under the sensor, all the lights attached to the power supply turn off / on. The IR switch can be used to switch on all types of electrical equipment on / off. When connecting controlled products to the IR switch, make sure that their total maximum load does not exceed 80 W.

Adjusting the lighting

Limente Smart 140 acts as an ON / OFF switch


The Smart 100 Series electronics unit and sensor are simple and quick to install and do not require separate electrical installations.

The compact electronics unit has female and male plug connections. The male plug is pressed into the socket and the power supply for the controlled lights is connected to the female plug. The sensor is attached to the desired location, for example on the bottom of the upper cabinet, and simply connected to the electronics unit by means of a quick connector.

Package contents

- sensor with quick connector
- mounting clip
- electronics unit with quick connector

Technical data

Fixture color
Switch color
Installation method
Surface mounting
Current supply
Light flux
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Input power
Enclosure class
240 V
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