LED-DRS 18DIM white, surface mounted, dimmable | 18 W, 1600 lm, Ra>90

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Supplier reference: 4129661
DRS-18DIM wh panel light

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An efficient and low panel light fixture

The low and stylish surface-mounted LIMENTE panel light fixture provides a smooth, spotless light. LIMENTE LED-DRS 18 DIM has a very low installation height and therefore the fixture can be installed into every type of suspended ceiling. In addition to the height of the light fixture, the space required by the power supply needs to be taken into consideration in the height of the mounting space (see measurements). The surface-mounted model is also available square (LIMENTE LED-DSS). LIMENTE LED-DRS 18 DIM has an IP44 classification, which makes it suitable to use in humid conditions as well as in any dry space.

LIMENTE panel lights have the same color temperature as all other LIMENTE lights making it easy to combine different types of light fixtures. Combine LED profile fixtures with different types of ceiling light fixtures (pendants or panels) to create your own unique, pleasant and unified lighting design.

All LIMENTE panel light fixtures use components of highest quality. We grant all our panel light fixture a longer warranty.

Dimming and lighting control

Appropriate lighting for any occasion is made easy with our dimming and lighting control system. You can easily change the lighting and ambience in your home from efficient and bright to dim and cosy by dimming your LIMENTE LED-DRS 18 DIM with our wireless system. You can use the same switch to adjust all the LIMENTE lights in the room, including various ceiling, panel and profile lights. The light adjusts smoothly at the same time while creating ambience for working, entertaining or any mood in between.

LIMENTE LED-DRS 18 DIM is dimmable with LIMENTE SMART 440 dimmer (no. 640440) and wireless wall switches (no. 640411, 640421 and 640422). Smooth dimming is an easy way to change ambience and create a new look in the room with just a push of a button!

The dimmer is installed inside the pendant’s mounting cup between the mains current and the LIMENTE power supply. All connections are made with quick connectors, which makes installing easy as no changes to the roof structures or power cables are needed. In addition to LIMENTE SMART 440 dimmer, the pendants can be dimmed with compatible TRIAC dimmers.

Easy installation

LIMENTE panel light fixtures are quick and easy to install. The fixture is recessed and embedded in the ceiling, and each fixture contains a quick connector for the power supply (chained connector).

You can install the power supplies and connect the wiring beforehand, as there is a simple quick connector between the power supply and the fixture. Later, when the ceiling is finished, simply connect the power supply and the fixture with the quick connector, and press the fixture into the mounting opening.

Package contents

- panel lamp, power cord with male connector
- driver with female connector
- a junction box connected to the power supply

Technical data

Fixture color
Light source
Installation method
Surface mounting
Current supply
Fixed installation
Light flux
1600 lm
89 lm/W
Color temperature
4000 K
Input power
18 W
40.000h (L80B10)
Enclosure class
240 V
Warranty months
Additional warranty months

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