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The LIMENTE lights are divided into five product groups: profiles and led strips as well as furniture, CCT, ceiling and bathroom lights. Most of the lights can be used variously in different types of spaces. The lights can also be used to create a variety of indirect lighting solutions.

Profiles and LED strips are products where the light is uniform on a long trip. The illuminated surface receives a steady light and the lamp itself can be positioned discrete and hidden. In front of the bright LEDs, there is a matte protective glass that prevents the dots from appearing and makes the light look pleasantly even. The Profile lamps are also suitable for indirect lighting.

Furniture lights are spot-like lights and are often placed so that the light itself is also visible. With furniture lights, you can highlight a single, illuminated object, or place the luminaires in a space between recommended distances. Intermediate lights placed at the recommended distance able you to guarantee a smooth and comfortable light at the working level.

The idea behind the CCT lights is that you can adjust the light color to the one you want. The adjustment range is very wide and allows the color temperature to be adjusted from warm to cold. CCT lights are both profile lights and spotlights.

The Ceiling lights are lights hanging from the ceiling, or mounted in the ceiling. Ceiling mounted lights can be used in all areas of the home including damp rooms such as bathrooms. The ligths can be used for general lighting or target lighting, depending on the lamp and the place of installation. Hanging lights can be used on top of the kitchen table or island or on top of the living room level to give both a general light and a separate ambience light alone. In the ceiling of the kitchen, hallway or living room, the DRI-lights give you an excellent general light.

Bathroom lighting fixtures are included in the bathroom, as they are designed to be humidity resistant (IP44). The bathroom lights collection has options for both on the mirror and on the sides of the mirror as the DR-lights are for the general lighting of the bathroom.

On the product page of all lamps, see "Installation pictures" for tips on how and where to use the lights and how wiring should be taken into account with wireless lighting control. In the "Specifications" section at the bottom of the product page you will also find LED light values and other technical data. More information on different lighting values and you can find technical information through the "I" link in front of you.

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  • Furniture lamps

    Focused lights for furniture

    Furniture lights are “spot like” LEDs that are often placed so that the entire lamp is visible. The lights are also available as embedded models for furniture. With furniture lights you can emphasize a single object and in intermediate mode, the furniture lamps provide an efficient working light.

    The lights in the timeless and stylish collection have a pleasant spotless light. The light is made spotless with a matt protection glass in front of the LED light points. The matt Glass ensures consistent light and powerful LEDs for adequate light strength.

    Several lights have a colour temperature of 3000 K or a fresh 4000 K. The warm 3000 K color temperature is slightly more yellowish than that of pure white light, 4000 K. The 4000 K LEDs are suitable for all kinds of spaces. The shade of the light is as natural as possible and does not change other shades of the interior.

    Radiator lamps do not require power supply, so you can place them freely in your home. The light is powered by either replaceable batteries or a built-in rechargeable battery. The rechargeable lights are fastened with a magnet, making them easy to remove and charge using the USB connector.

  • Profiles and led strips

    Stylish and uniform light

    Aesthetically beautiful lighting is achieved with smooth and uniform light surfaces. The more elegant and unobtrusive you want the light to be, the more discrete and flatter it should be. The light from Led profile and LED ribbon lights is both discrete and continuous. The area illuminated by the LED profile lights is uniform without leaving spots luminated.

    Often the LED profile lights are used for working light in addition as indirect light. In this case the lamp itself is invisible and the light is reflected in the room space via the wall, roof or floor. The indirect light is a pleasant extra light that lights up the room, but also creates different moods for the space.

    The LED profile lights can be mounted as long solid light lists or as shorter pieces, so that the light is disconnected between the profiles. The surface illuminated by profile lamps always receives a uniform light and the lamp itself can be placed discreetly hidden from your sight, for example, behind a list or a disc.

    In the kitchen space you can use three different types of profile lights. The light is the same in all of them, the differences are in the installation methods and the appearance. You can choose the way you feel it best suits your interior and taste.

    1)      Led-Prosil LUX is a fixed-length lamp, which is installed 60-80 cm apart. The light output on the table level is sufficient, even when the stove remains between two lamps. The Led Prosil LUX can be installed in the desired position in the N direction of the cupboard, but it is recommended to install it either in the middle or closer to the front of the cupboard. The lamp should not be shortened once installed.

    2)      Led profile lights Corner, Linea and Inser are available in two-and four-metre length strips, which are shortened to the desired position during installation. Luminaires are usually installed on the whole of the upper cupboards; LED-Linea and Led-Inser in the middle or closer to the front edge and the LED Corner on the back edge of the cupboard.

    3)      The Led Wall is also delivered in two-and four-metre strips. Unlike the above-mentioned lights, the LED-Wall strip is embedded in the background wall, from which it illuminates the working level. The LED Wall lamp is well suited for the kitchen, where there are no cabinets or cupboards for just a part of the distance.

    The indirect atmosphere light allows you to easily create a bedroom and a living room with separate Led-Up (illuminating upwards) and Led Duo (illuminating up and down) LED strips. The light in both LED profile lights is both smooth and uniform. The profiles of the profile lights are offered in lengths of two and four metres, and are shortened to the desired length when installed.

    The LED ribbon has a separate light strip that can be installed directly using the adhesive surface (e.g. Plinth Light). The Led ribbon tape should always be installed on a heat-conductive surface such as an aluminium list in order not to overheat.

  • Ceiling lamps

    Bring light to all the spaces in your home.

    The ceiling lights are lights hanging from the ceiling, or mounted in the ceiling. Ceiling mounted lights are available with three different power outputs. The power outputs should be chosen based on the room height and how close to the surface you want to place the lights. For example, you can easily replace a traditional ceiling light with a surface mounted light. If you need more lights check the recommended installation distance for the product to ensure a suitable lighting intensity.

    The hanging ceiling lamps are equally suitable as the light source in a cabin free kitchen as well as the light above dining table or the general light of the room. In addition, the hanging lights can be added in the living room or bedroom to enhance the look when they are installed on top of a cupboard or bureau. The hanging lights add a general light and create a beautiful atmosphere in the room.

    The colour temperature of the LIMENTE ceiling lights is always 4000 K, so ceiling-mounted, recessed and hanging ceiling lights can be combined freely to maintain a uniform color. You can create a beautiful and vibrant atmosphere in your home by combining lights. The LED lights on both the pendant lamp and the ceiling are available as a Scandinavian matte black and white colour option.

    The ceiling-mounted LEDs are timeless and fit into every space on all ceiling surfaces.

  • Bathroom lights

    A pleasant light in the bathroom

    The bathroom is the place where most people start their daily activities. Preferably you want to do your morning activities, such as take a shower, drive a beard, comb your hair or make your face, in a pleasant light. The LIMENTE bathroom lights are strong, but at the same time the soft light will comfortably get through the matte glass of the rods evenly in all directions.

    The LIMENTE collection features lighting options for the general light in the bathroom and around the mirror. Mirror lights are suitable for example on the side of the mirror or on top of it. Separate lights can also be installed in the center of the wall in a larger space. The Lights create a real spa atmosphere.

    The colour temperature of the bathroom lights 4000 K is a fresh light, similar to natural light. In particular, when refreshing your face in the morning, it’s important that the light shines evenly on your face and gives you the most natural and effective light.

    The LIMENTE LED-DR and-DS LED lights are available as surface-mounted or recessed. Their light output is ideal for bathrooms as well as other common areas. The lights require a very low installation space, blend nicely into the ceiling and give a beautiful steady light to the space.

    A bathroom’s appearance can be enhanced with indirect lights. A particularly easy way is to add an LED light strip behind the mirror. Another cool way is to install a light stripe on one or more walls. The LED-UP profile light makes it easy to implement an indirect light stripe on the ceiling boundary.

  • CCT lamps