LIMENTE lights

LIMENTE lights are separated into four product groups: profiles and LED strips, furniture light fixtures, ceiling light fixtures and bathroom light fixtures. Most of the products can be used in different kinds of spaces. Indirect lighting designs are also easy to create using LIMENTE products.

Profiles and LED strips provide an even light across a desk top. The fixture itself can be placed discreet and hidden, whereas the surface is well lit with an even light. Profile light fixtures have a matte protective glass to cover the bright LEDs. The glass prevents dots from appearing and makes the light pleasantly even. Our profile light fixtures are also suitable for indirect lighting!

Furniture light fixtures are spotlight-like light fixtures, which are often installed to be visible and seen. You can use our furniture light fixtures either for accenting a single object or as work lighting to provide sufficient and pleasant lighting on a desk top.

LIMENTE ceiling light fixtures are either pendants hanging down from the ceiling or ceiling flush mounts. Ceiling flush mounts can be used anywhere in a house, including bathrooms. The lights can be used as general lighting or accent/decorative lighting, depending on the type of the fixture and the place of installation. Pendants can be used on top of the kitchen table or kitchen island, or on top of the living room table as both general light and ambiance light. Installed in the kitchen ceiling, our DRI light fixtures provide an excellent general light.

Our bathroom light fixtures are designed to be humidity resistant (IP44), so they are perfectly suited for bathrooms and wet rooms. In LIMENTE bathroom light fixtures collection, you’ll find models to install either above or alongside mirrors, whereas our DR light fixtures are designed to be used as general lighting.

You can find tips on how and where to use our products under the ”Installation pictures” on every product page. There you’ll also be able to learn how wiring should be taken into account with wireless lighting control. For LED light values and other technical data, please see our ”Specifications” section. More information about different lighting values and technical information you can find under the ”i” link in front of you.

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  • Spot lights

    Efficient wor light and accent lights for furniture

    Our furniture spotlights are individual lamps that are part of the interior as well. They are usually installed so that the fixture itself is visible. The fixtures are also available as recessed, giving a more minimalistic and hidden view. With our furniture spotlights, you can accent a single object or use them above a kitchen workspace to provide efficient working light.

    All the fixtures in our timeless and stylish collection provide pleasant and spotless light. The LED light is spotless, as the fixtures have a protective matte glass, which prevents dots from appearing and makes the light pleasantly even. The protective glass provides an even light and the efficient LEDs provide sufficient illumination.

    Most of the fixtures are available in both in a warm 3000 K and fresh neutral 4000 K color temperature. The warm and cozy 3000 K color temperature has a more yellow tonality, compared to the cooler 4000 K color temperature, which closely resembles pure and natural white light. The fresh 4000 K color temperature is suited for any space, as it doesn’t alter the color tones of the interior design of the space but rather really makes the colors pop!

    Our rechargeable light fixtures don’t need a separate power supply. Hence, they can be placed anywhere. The fixtures operate with rechargeable batteries. The fixtures are fastened with magnets, which makes them easy to install and unfasten. The batteries are charged with a USB connector.

  • Led-profiles

    Stylish and even light

    Aesthetically pleasant and beautiful lighting is achieved with smooth and uniform light surfaces. The more elegant and damped you wish the light to be, the more discrete and flat the light fixture should be. The LED profile light fixtures, that consist of a LED strip and a profile, provide a stylishly linear and continuous light. The space illuminated by the LED profile light fixture is uniform without any gaps.

    Most of the time the LED profile light fixtures are not only used as work lighting, but also as indirect lighting. The light fixture itself is hidden and it reflects indirect light to the room for example through the wall, ceiling, or floor. Indirect lighting is not only pleasant and add light and illumination, but it also creates a beautiful ambience to the room.

    LIMENTE LED profile light fixtures can be installed as a long-unified profile or as shorter pieces, where the light is disconnected between the pieces. The surfaces illuminated with LIMENTE profile light fixtures always have an even and uniform light, while the fixture itself can be installed hidden e.g., behind furniture or a list.

    Many different types of profile light fixtures can be used in the kitchen workspace. All light fixtures have the same lighting capabilities, whereas the differences can be found in how they are installed and the design. Here are a few examples:

    1. LED-PROFIL LUX and LED-PROFIL LUX-IR are light fixtures with fixed lengths. They are installed 60 – 80 cm apart. The luminosity is sufficient, even tough a cooker hood would be placed between the light fixtures. The LED-PROFIL LUX is recommended to be installed close to the front end of the wall cabinet. The profile is available in five different standard lengths, which cannot be shortened.
    2. Profile light fixtures LED-CORNER, LED-GRADE, LED-LILA, LED-LILO, LED-LINEA, LED-INSER, and LED-INSER MINI are available in standard lengths of 2 and 4 meters. The light fixtures can be shortened to the desired length, and are usually installed to cover the whole length of the upper cabinets. LED-GRADE, LED-LILA, LED-LILO, LED-LINEA, LED-INSER, and LED-INSER MINI should be installed in the middle or near the front end of the cabinets, whereas LED-CORNER in the backend corner of the cabinets. Remember always to choose a recessed model, if you want to install your light as recessed.
    3. LED-WALL and LED-DUO are also available in standard lengths of 2 and 4 meters. LED-WALL is installed recessed to the back wall from where it lights the counter top. LED-DUO is surface-mounted. Both of the fixtures are well suited for kitchens where the upper cabinets don’t range the whole way or there are no upper cabinets.

    Indirect lighting is easy to create with the LED-UP (projects light up) and LED-DUO (projects light up and down) profile light fixtures. Both of these profile light fixtures provide an even and uniform light. The fixtures are available in standard lengths of 2 and 4 meter and can be shortened to a desired length.

    LED-RIBBON is a separate LED strip, which is installed with double-sided tape. LED-RIBBON should always be installed on a heat conducting surface, such as the LIMENTE LIGHT PROFILE, to guarantee the lifetime of the LEDs.

  • Ceiling and wall lamps

    Universal light in each room

    Ceiling lights can be suspended or recessed. There are three different efficiencies available for recessed downlights. The choice of luminaire efficiency is influenced by the height of the room and how close the luminaires are to be placed. Recessed models can replace a more traditional ceiling-mounted luminaire. If you want to install several luminaires close to each other, check the product for the recommended installation distances to ensure adequate lighting intensity in the room.

    Hanging lamps are suitable for many spaces, both in the kitchen without a cupboard and for general lighting on the dining table. With the hanging lighting, it is possible to bring a more look to the room when it is hung on a side table or coffee table. These lights bring more general light that creates an atmosphere in the space.

    Ceiling-mounted Downlights are LED lights, meaning they are ecological and long-lasting. The downlights are suitable for every space and for all roof surfaces.

  • Bathroom lights

    Pleasant light in bathroom

    Bathroom is the place where most of us start our day. Whether your morning routine includes a shower, a shave, or applying makeup, a pleasant light is a must. LIMENTE bathroom light fixtures are efficient but provide soft lighting in every direction through a matte glass.

    LIMENTE bathroom light fixtures feature fixtures for general light as well as fixtures to be placed around your bathroom mirror, mounted either above it or next to it. You can also create spa-like ambience by placing separate fixtures at the center of the walls!

    All LIMENTE bathroom light fixtures have a color temperature of 4000K, which closely resembles fresh natural light. Light should be as natural and effective as possible, shining evenly on your face especially when putting on your makeup!

    LIMENTE LED-DR and LIMENTE LED-DS light fixtures are available recessed or surface-mounted. Their light output is ideal for bathrooms, as well. The fixtures require a very low installation space, they blend nicely into the ceiling and provide a beautiful, steady light to the room.

    Add personality, ambience and expressiveness to your bathroom with indirect lights! A particularly easy way is to add an LED strip behind the mirror. Another way to express your style is install a light stripe on one or more walls. LED-UP profile light fixture makes it easy to implement an indirect light stripe on the ceiling.

  • CCT - LED profiles
  • Led kits

    Versatile LED-strips in easy sets!

    LED-strips are one of the most versatile lighting products. You can use them to create an efficient working light for workspaces in for example kitchens or utility rooms, as well as atmospheric indirect lighting on top of the cabinets and plinths.

    To make it easier to choose the right kind of LED-strip, we have put together ready-made sets of strips. The sets always include a power supply suitable for the strip, as well as other accessories depending on the package. Thanks to this, you no longer need to think about the size of the power supply or the compatibility of the dimmer, you will get everything you need in a ready-made luminaire set.

    All our LED-strips can be easily cut with scissors to the desired length from the marked points. Every full-length strip can be cut into usable strips, as there is a three-meter-long cord at both ends of the full-long strip. You can do the installation yourself, and you don't need an electrician to install the luminaires, as the wires are attached to each other using safe plug & socket connectors. The aluminium profiles, in which the LED strips are recommended to be installed in, are easy to install with the included brackets and screws.

    These lighting sets are suitable for almost all the spaces in the home, kitchen, bathroom, furniture or even stairs! You can read tips and get inspired on how to use LED-strip lights on our blog or in the lighting tips section of our website. It has never been this easy to choose the right LED luminaires!