LED-DSC 12DIM white/black, dimmable | 12 W, 935 lm, CRI>90

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DSC-12DIM wh+bl panel light

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Versatile ceiling lamp

The LIMENTE DSC ceiling light is designed to offer a versatile lighting option that is easily suitable for more than one need. The slim ceiling lamp, about 15 mm, blends in elegantly with the ceiling. The frame of the lamp is white, but with the included magnetically attached cover, the frame can also be converted to black. If the mind changes and you want white from the black lamp frame again, you can remove the magnetically attached cover neatly and easily. The color temperature of the lamp can be adjusted to the desired temperature, either warm 3000 K, white 4000 K or cold 6000 K, depending on which of these best matches the room and its other light sources. The color temperature is selected using the slider on the bottom of the lamp and is selected during installation.

The lamp is available in three different sizes, 6 W, 12 W and 18 W. When one product has several options in terms of size, temperature, color and installation method, it makes the choice of the product easier and it is more suitable for more than one object.
The LED-DSC lamp is easy to install into an existing round installation hole if its size falls within the range of the adjustment allowance (see installation instructions). The thin lamp remains on the surface of the ceiling and the included mounting box is installed in the space of the suspended ceiling. If the lamp is used without a mounting box, surface mounting is also possible with the included brackets. As with other LIMENTE lights, LED-DSC is very high quality with a RA value of over 90.

Dimming and light control

By adjusting the light, you can always customize the light and create lighting that suits your home and the situation. By dimming the LIMENTE LED-DSC, you change the lighting of your home from efficient and bright to dim and cozy. If you wish, you can use the same switch to adjust all the LIMENTE lights in the room, including the various ceiling, panel and furniture lamps. The light adjusts evenly and at the same time, changing the atmosphere of the entire space at once.

The LIMENTE LED-DSC lamp is dimmable with the LIMENTE SMART 400 series 240 V dimmer SMART 440 (no. 640440) and the wireless controls that control it (no. 640411, 640421, 640422, 640424, 640425). The stepless dimmer makes it easy to create a mood and a new look to the space.

The dimmer is installed between the mains and the power supply and contains ready-made quick connectors for connection / daisy-chaining. In addition to LIMENTE SMART 580 dimmer, LED DSC luminaires can be dimmed with compatible TRIAC dimmers.

Easy installation

LIMENTE LED-DSC panel lamps are easy and quick to install. Although the lamp itself is square, the mounting hole is round, as it is easier to make a round hole than square one. The size of the installation opening is freely selectable in the specified range (see installation instructions). Thanks to the sliding mounting rail, the luminaire can be mounted in a previously cut mounting hole if its size falls within the range of this adjustment allowance.

The packages always include all the necessary parts for surface or semi-flush mounting of the lamp, and the standard mounting box also includes a quick connector that allows the lamps to be daisy-chained. When mounted on a surface, it is not possible to use a mounting box. Please note that the use of a mounting box requires that there is required space in the ceiling.

Package contents

- panel lamp, with integrated driver
- junction box
- fasteners
- plastic free packaging

Technical data

Fixture color
Fixture color
Light source
Surface mounted/recessed mounted
Light flux
935 lm
78 lm/W
Color temperature
3000 / 4000 / 6000 K
Input power
12 W
40.000h (L80B10)
Enclosure class
240 V
Warranty months
Additional warranty months
Pinch time

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