10 ways to use profiles and light strips in different parts of your home

Published: 04/03/2018 11:19:58
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Profile lights are a convenient and efficient way to get light into a wide range of spaces. This article provides easy-to-implement tips on where and how to use profile lights. A light strip is an easy and effective way to create beautiful light details in any part of the room. With the help of various ready-made or customizable profile list lights, it is possible to create the most magnificent entities. We put together 10 easy ways to implement pleasant lighting using the led profiles.

Illuminate the ceiling

1. Illuminate the ceiling

The illuminated ceiling is easy to implement with different light profiles. Of the Limente products, especially Led-Linea Lux, Led-Corner Lux and Led-Profil Lux work excellently when installed in the ceiling and it’s surroundings. The aim is to make the light uniform throughout the illuminated area.

2. Illuminate the space between the wall and the ceiling

The Led-Up profile light acts as a stylish light in the space left between the wall and the ceiling. The indirect light spreads beautifully along the wall towards the ceiling, bringing it out more. Note that the wall and ceiling should be finished so that unevenness is not accentuated unless you want to do just that. The light does not have to be on every wall, you can just have this beautiful detail in selected walls too.

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3. Illuminate the stairs

The lighting of the stairs can be implemented with for example Led-Inser light embedded under the stairs. Another option is to embed the light profile into the wall parallel to the stairs or in the railing if the material is wood, for example. The light makes the stairs look beautiful as well as makes the area feel more spacious. When light is added to the stairs, the light provides pleasant additional light and makes walking in the dark easier and more safe.

4. Illuminate the closets

The wardrobe or closet is easy to illuminate using for example a Led-Corner profile light. The light profile can be installed at a vertical angle or at an angle behind the sliding door, so that the light is evenly pointed at the clothes. The backside of the profile is neat, so when installed at the front edge it looks like an aluminum strip. Automatic sensor-based light control works especially well in closets and walk-in closets switching on the light when needed.

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5. Illuminate the kitchen workspace

The Led-Ribbon is easy to install at the bottom of cabinets as a light source for the kitchen worktop. The led strip is attached inside the profile using the tape attached to the strip. This is a quick and easy way to install additional working light to the kitchen. Note that LED strips should always be installed on a heat-conducting surface such as inside of an aluminum profile.

6. Indirect light above the cabinets

On top of the cabinets, both in the kitchen and elsewhere, there is Led-Linea or Led-Slim, which can be directed to three different lighting angles with the brackets that come with the profile. Both led profiles create beautiful even and spotless light around them. These lights are also dimmable, allowing them to be converted into mood lights whenever needed.

7. Illuminate the floor

In plinth spaces in the kitchen, hallway, bedroom, etc., it is convenient to use Led-Ribbon Led-Ribbon or Led-Linea lamps. The advantage of Led-Linea is that even on a reflective surface, the profile lamp provides spotless and even light without disturbing LED dots. Note that LED strips should always be installed on a heat-conducting surface such as an aluminum profile.

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8. illuminate the shelves

An illuminated shelf is a beautiful addition to any space and brings out the objects in it in a new way. The effect of light is especially evident when using glass shelves, whereby light flows beautifully and evenly through the shelves. Placed on the front edge of the recess, the Led-Corner Led-Corner smoothly directs the light towards the shelves and illuminates them evenly throughout.

9. Light detail in the middle of the wall

In the bedroom, the Led-Duo light profile above the bed brings both a beautiful detail and light to the room. The light profile has three different light directions: up, down and both at the same time. The light acts as an indirect light when directed upwards and as a reading light when directed downwards. When more light is desired, it is adjusted to point both up and down. The light of Led-Duo is dimmable, which means that the light profile also acts as a beautiful mood light.

10. Behind the mirror

Lighting the background of the mirror is a nice detail in both the hallway and the bathroom. The bathroom usually needs a steady and good light in front of the mirror, so that both the light descending from above and the light coming from the front together create a steady gapless light for the viewer. It is also worth noting that 4000 K light creates a light that conforms to daylight into the space and gives the viewer the best possible “mirror light”.

And finally, what would you say about an illuminated bed base? Even if you don’t look under the bed, the bed gets beautiful lighting if it is bordered by a light strip around it. At the same time, a glare-free mood light is created and the bed stands out beautifully.

Dare to be bold and implement lighting that complements your home, because only imagination is the limit with light strips!

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