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LED Light Efficiency

Traditional light sources produce omnidirectional light, whereby a significant portion of the light may be lost in the reflector. The light produced by LEDs is focused better in the desired direction and, therefore, LEDs are more efficient. Compared to incandescent light bulbs, LEDs are also capable of effectively converting the electric current into light without significant heat gain, thus further improving the efficiency of LEDs.

Efficacy can be expressed as either the efficacy of the light fixture alone or light fixture + power supply (light fixture as a whole). The efficacy of the light fixture alone is always significantly better than that of the whole. This is due to the power supply reducing the efficacy.

The efficacy of LIMENTE light fixtures is expressed as the ratio of the luminous flux (the total luminous flux emitted (lm)) and the total amount of input power (total wattage (W)), including losses. The obtained value (lm/W) indicates how much power is needed to produce the light.