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SMART 321 remote ctrl dimmer

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SMART 321 remote ctrl dimmer

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Wireless light control

The LIMENTE SMART 300 series is a simple and stylish solution for lightning control in the kitchen or elsewhere in a home. The lightning is controlled with remote controls and wall mounted switches that visually match the Jussi series. All of these have the ON/OFF function and dimming. You can also use several different controls and combine them according to your needs.

LIMENTE SMART 300 light control is composed of switch (remote control SMART 321, 322 or 324) that is ordered separately, as well as a dimmer (receiver SMART 320).
LIMENTE SMART 322 “Jussi” controller has the look of a wall switch and is installed in a fixed-size installation box. LIMENTE SMART 321 and 324 are separate remote controllers. With LIMENTE SMART 324 it is possible to control four dimmers separately. All controls are operated wirelessly and do not require any wiring.


A wireless dimmer that is installed between a power source and a light. The dimmer has corresponding connectors and manifold as the power supply. The manifold can install a maximum of 6 lamps. One dimmer is needed for every light group (power supply).


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