LUNA-2 socket | white / s/s / black

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LUNA-2 socket switch

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Double corner socket with an integrated light switch

The LIMENTE LUNA socket is designed in Finland to provide as a versatile and stylish power outlet over the kitchen counter, under the upper cabinets. It is fast and simple to install and it can be used with all types of lights. The tilted design makes the sockets easy to access and you can clearly see in which direction the plug should be inserted. The LUNA sockets have place for two plugs and there is an on / off -switch to control a separate driver at the end of the cable. Use the switch to easily and affordably control, for example, the working lights over the kitchen counter. By combining the LIMENTE LUNA with LIMENTE profile lights, you can create a stylish interior detail in the kitchen. All sockets are either stainless steel or painted white or black (metal frame) and are child proof.

With LIMENTE LUNA, you can easily change a conventional socket + fluorescent lamp combination into a more modern LED lighting without larger electrical work. LIMENTE LUNA is installed in place of the fluorescent lamp and the LUNA sockets replace the sockets and switch. Additionally, you will need any LIMENTE light that you connect to the LUNA socket with a separate power supply. These lights are controlled from the switch that is on the side of LIMENTE LUNA socket.

Color choices

LIMENTE LUNA-2 is available in three different colors: stainless steel, white, and black.

Installation and electrical connection

Define the place where the power supply is to be imported or use an existing power supply cable. The socket must be installed against an angle of two fixed surfaces so that its background is not left open. The actual mounting is made using the supplied screws. See the installation instructions for more details.

The maximum permitted current supply of the LIMENTE LUNA socket is 16A. You can chain the supply to another socket directly from the supply connector, but pay attention to the distribution of the current. Attach the connector supplied with the socket from the wall to the power supply cable. Connect the receptacle in the socket on the power supply cable connector and secure the connection with the locking piece. Finally, attach the socket with the supplied screws to the fixed surface. See the installation instructions for more details.

Package contents

- double socket
- Eurosocket, which is controlled by a switch
- quick connector for connection
- plastic free packaging

Technical data

Fixed installation
Surface mounting
Secondary connector
Europlug socket
Input power
Enclosure class
240 V
Warranty months
Pinch time
16 A / 600 W