LIMENTE SMART SENSOR presence detector (PIR) | 24 V

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Presence detector PIR

Automated lighting control is at its best when, the lights are on, when they are needed and where they are needed, without the user noticing. Unnecessary lights on and electricity consumption are reduced while safety is increased. The LIMENTE SENSOR series is designed to automate lighting control in all areas of home.

The system turns on the room lights, closet lights or even the kitchen worktop lights when light is needed. The lights stay on as long as you move within the detection area. Automatic lighting control makes home lighting a new kind of comfort and safety product and at the same time it is also an ecological way to use lights.

The LIMENTE SMART 511 presence detector is suitable, for example, for controlling the kitchen light or the mirror light in the toilet. The system detects when you come close to the sensor and keeps the lights on as long as you are close to it. The sensor reacts to the end of movement in the detection area with a 90-second delay, when e.g. a short visit to another room does not turn off the lights yet. Thanks to the SMART 511 sensor, the lights are on whenever light is needed, but on the other hand, unnecessary use of light is reduced. The detection distance is about 100-200 cm.

You can put up to four PIR presence detectors in one LIMENTE SMART 511 system. Adjusting the lighting LIMENTE SMART 511 acts as an automatic ON / OFF switch.

Lighting control

LIMENTE SMART 511 works as an automated ON/OFF –switch.


The LIMENTE SMART SENSOR series dimmer unit and sensor are simple and quick to install and do not require separate electrical installations. First, select the desired operating mode from the dimmer unit so that the sensors work the way you want them to.

The compact dimmer unit has female and male connectors. The male connector is pressed into the power supply and the female connectors on the LED side and the PIR sensors on the SENSOR side are connected to the female connectors. You can connect a maximum of four 24V lights to one system. You can do the installation yourself; no electrician is needed.

The SMART sensor can be installed either with the included bracket or embedded in a 13mm hole. In flush installation, you should consider the supply cable to be connected behind the sensor, which should be led to the driver. The choice of the exact installation location is case-specific, and before choosing a location, you should try to see where the detection distance is suitable for you when installed. In the kitchen between the upper cabinets and countertop, the sensor should be installed at the back edge, near the place where most work is done. If you want the sensor to react from further away, you should bring it to the front edge of the cabinet. A maximum of 4 sensors can be connected to the dimmer unit. All connections are made using quick connectors.

When connecting lights to the LIMENTE SMART SENSOR, make sure that their total maximum load does not exceed 96 W.

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