LIMENTE ECON-3 socket | white / alulook / black

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LIMENTE ECON-3 corner socket

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632031 2407153 ECON-3, triple socket, alulook: In stock MyLimente 632034 2407154 ECON-3, triple socket, white: In stock MyLimente 632039 2407155 ECON-3, triple socket, black: In stock MyLimente

Versatile sockets

The versatile LIMENTE ECON series sockets are designed and engineered in Finland to provide an easy-to-use and stylish option for your kitchen workspace. The sockets are quick and easy to install and they match many kitchen styles no matter what kinds of work lights you choose. The tilted design allows the socket to be used easily and you can clearly see in which direction the plug should be inserted into the socket. This corner-mounted socket is child proof.

The ECON-3 socket has places for three plugs. In addition, the ECON series has a model with two plug places and you can always combine these two in the kitchen as required. The socket can be installed right-handed or left-handed, making it easier to connect the wires, allowing the power cord to come in from the right, top left, or wall. From the user's point of view, the socket is always the same, regardless of which way it is installed in.

Socket color options

The ECON-3 sockets are available in white, alulook and black. Alulook is aluminum in color and white and black have a stylish matt surface (matt black and matt white).

Installation and electrical connections

Deside the spot where the power supply will be imported, or use an existing power cord. The maximum permitted current supply of the LIMENTE ECON socket is 16A. You can chain the supply to another socket directly from the supply connector, but pay attention to the distribution of the current. Connect the power cord that comes either from the wall, top, side to the socket’s electrical connectors. Then attatch the socket from the four corners to a solid surface using the screws provided in the package.

Package contents

- triple socket
- mounting screws
- quick connector
- plastic free packaging

Technical data

Surface mounting
Current supply
Fixed installation
Enclosure class
240 V
Warranty months
Max amperage
16 A

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