DESK-2 USB socket + USB (A+C) | white / s/s / black / gold / tin / bronze / champagne

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DESK-2 USB socket

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Slim recessed socket

The DESK-2 and DESK-2 USB are extremely low power (min. thickness of tabletop 20mm) designed to be installed on tabletops, shelves and other furniture. Due to its small and low design DESK-2 and DESK-2 USB can also be used in separate, loose furniture, such as tables, couches or bookshelves. The power socket includes two dustcovers to cover the sockets, which makes the table top even when the power socket is not in use. DESK-2 and DESK-2 USB has a classification of IP54 and can be used in humid conditions.

The DESK-2 has two sockets and DESK-2 USB one socket and two USB (A+C) connectors. You can either use the sockets separately or at the same time. When only one of them is in use, the other is covered from crumbs and litter. When not in use, DESK-2 is flat and even, making the tabletop appear even and solid.

Color options

DESK-2 and DESK-2 USB are made of metal and available in several different colors: stainless steel, black, white, bronze, gold, tin and champagne.


The DESK-2 and DESK-2 USB are quick and easy to install.

Make a square hole in the tabletop or kitchen island, into which the power socket is attached with integrated attachment brackets. One end of the power supply cable (included in delivery) is connected to DESK-2, the other into a grounded power socket. To make installation easy, the plug is included separate and is attached at the installation location.

If the outlet, to which DESK-2 is connected, is connected to a 10 A fuse, that’s also the maximum load of DESK-2. If the fuse is 16 A, is the maximum load of DESK-2 also 16 A.

Package contents

- socket with 2m supply cable
- grounded plug

Technical data

Flush mounting
Cable coupling
Enclosure class
240 V
Warranty months
Pinch time
16 A