CHARGER charger | white/white

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CHARGER, white/white

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Unnoticeable round wireless charger

Avoid the clutter of chargers and criss-crossing charging cables on the tabletop by using a stylish wireless charger. The stylish, unnoticeable wireless charger based on Qi technology can be embedded in, for example, tabletops, shelves and furniture. Thanks to its very small size and plug-in power supply, it can also be used in loose furniture such as tables, sofas and bookshelves. When charging begins the charger makes a small signal sound and a small blue LED lights up during charging. This way you make sure that you have placed your phone in the right place on the charger and that your phone will charge.

The charger is equipped with small non-slip points that prevent the phone from sliding out of place.

Color options

Available in a white version that blends in with light countertops or an all-black version that fits dark countertops. Black also works as a striking interior design element when combined with, for example, a black DESK- or MONO- recessed socket.


CHARGER wireless charger is simple and easy to install. A round hole is made in the tabletop, where the charger is pressed, and the included power source is connected to the socket. Installation does not require an electrician. The power consumption of the CHARGER wireless charger in standby mode is <0.1W.

Package contents

- socket with 2m supply cable
- grounded plug

Technical data

Flush mounting
Cable coupling
Switching power
2 A
Enclosure class
5 Vdc±5% 9 Vdc±5%
Warranty months
Pinch time
Normal 1A / Fast 1,1A